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Experiences in Asia

Vietnam: Old Hanoi

VIETNAM | Monday, 28 Nov 2005 | Views [1066] | Comments [5]

You find me safe and well in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, after a 16 hour journey that included buses, tuk-tuks, mini vans and motor-cyles. I decided not to go the usual route favoured by other travellers (luxury direct bus) and because of this I saved ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Vientiane: almost a city!

LAOS | Friday, 25 Nov 2005 | Views [787]

Here I am in the capital, Vientiane, enjoying my first day after the 10 or so hour ride from Luang Prabang. Yesterday (seems so long ago!) I was up early at 5.30am to have a bit of breakfast and then to get outside and meet the tuk tuk at 6.30am who ... Read more >

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On the way to Vientiane

LAOS | Wednesday, 23 Nov 2005 | Views [946] | Comments [2]

And then there was one! You find me safe and well in my last day in Luang Prabang. Tomorrow morning I will take the 6am bus for 10 hours to the capital of Laos, Vientiane. Kari and the other people that we have met have decided to take a shorter ... Read more >

Tags: adventures

Laos: Lazy Luang Prabang

LAOS | Tuesday, 22 Nov 2005 | Views [878]

After two days on a rickety old boat that my father would have loved, we have made it into Laos and to the sleepy town of Luang Prabang. Here's the news from the last few days........... The night of the 18th saw us enjoy our last day in Chiang Mai.... Read more >

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Trekking: photo-tastic

THAILAND | Friday, 18 Nov 2005 | Views [652] | Comments [4]

Were back in the land of the living now after our great three day trek in the bad bush. This is the second time I have typed this due to a bad computer, so perhaps this post will be a little brief! As you can see, the picture is of me on my trusty steed.... Read more >

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Gallery: Thailand

THAILAND | Friday, 18 Nov 2005 | Photo Gallery

A very random selection of all things Thai!
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Laos: prep work

THAILAND | Tuesday, 15 Nov 2005 | Views [1168] | Comments [3]

These last few days have seen the four of us exploring CM and also arranging travellers cheques, currency and transport for the crossing by boat down the Mekong river into Laos. Before that however, we will take a three day jungle trek. Here, there will ... Read more >

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Myanmar border: Ka'ren people

THAILAND | Sunday, 13 Nov 2005 | Views [1246] | Comments [2]

You find us safe and well today.......... Yesterday Kari and I had a relaxing day zooming around town on a moped. Here in CM, the moped rules, with everyone from monks to teenage boys driving them, their girlfriends clutching onto them on the passenger ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

THAILAND | Thursday, 10 Nov 2005 | Views [804] | Comments [4]

Here we are on day 6.... We left Bangkok after spending a day ducking out of shop doorways and big umbrellas, trying to keep dry due to heavy rain that just fell and fell. Our bus to Chiang Mai (CM) was at 6pm, so we had the day to kill. We basically ... Read more >

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Monks & Muay Thai

THAILAND | Monday, 7 Nov 2005 | Views [861] | Comments [2]

Here we are on day three....... Bangkok is a steamy South Asian capital which never seems to stop. The monsoon weather has got hotter since we have been here, and that, along with the traffic, noise and pollution problems make it a little ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Bangkok: Khao San Road

THAILAND | Sunday, 6 Nov 2005 | Views [751] | Comments [1]

We have arrived safetly in Bangkok. The flight over was OK because I was lucky enough to get an emergency exit seat, and the Thai airways staff were REALLY eager to help at any point with drinks etc. I didn't get any sleep though, so yesterday was spent ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Korea: end credits

SOUTH KOREA | Friday, 4 Nov 2005 | Views [686]

Well, it's only a few hours now until I take the train up to Incheon to fly out at 9am tomorrow morning. My boxes have been posted, my money wired to England and my backpack packed.   These past few days have included many leaving parties (one for ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


SOUTH KOREA | Sunday, 23 Oct 2005 | Views [1981]

On Saturday I travelled with a co-teacher to Cheongju, which is in the next province over called Chungcheongbuk-do. At 8am I got picked up outside my house, and after a few coffees, we were on our way. It took us three hours to get there with traffic ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

A new home

SOUTH KOREA | Friday, 21 Oct 2005 | Views [597]

World Nomads (WN) sent me an email a few days ago, telling me that as I took out travel insurance with them, I can also start a premium journal account. I don't think there is much of a difference here to the LiveJournal blog I have now, apart from the ... Read more >

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Gallery: South Korea

SOUTH KOREA | Thursday, 20 Oct 2005 | Photo Gallery

Two weeks left in Korea
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