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JAPAN | Tuesday, 20 February 2007 | Views [1210]

So there are only so many ways to do sushi down at the local sushi bar, or so I thought. Granted, at special occasions, such as Christmas, the chefs will style some sushi plates as for example, Santa, using tuna cut in a triangle shape for his hat, or macarel skin rolled for rudolphs legs. But really, there are only so many different types of fish to choose from. Usually, 10 plates of sushi are enough for me, my favorites being salmon, tuna, crab salad and some others which I can't translate.

So imagine my suprise when out popped a new plate, the last time I went to the Sushi bar. It was on a blue plate, being the most expensive one at 315 yen, or about $5. Well, this piece of "fish" looked the business. It looked succulent, juicy, red and teaming with goodness. I picked one up, put it down at my table and dipped it in the soy sauce.

Now, if you take a look at the picture, and then at some raw tuna, it is fair to say they look similar-which is why I thought it was fish meat. Now, as with everything culinary in Asia, it is usually best not to procrastinate over these things, and to just get it down. Mistake. Eating raw animal meat is definitely not for me! I asked the sushi shef what it was, and he told me- also informing me that such meat is really good for health, and "stamina". On looking at my green complexion, he offered to get out his flame thrower and toast the other portion I had.....

I do wonder about these little sushi bars dotted around Tokyo. You have to consider that Mac, Starbucks and other fast food outlets are EVERYWHERE- consider that I can see a mac from my bedroom window and also office window at work, and you get the picture. However, Sushi bars remain full-jam packed in fact. For me, I would rather go to a sushi bar over a Mac- this from a guy who is a self-confessed nut over their cheeseburgers.

Some people argue that it isn't a meal- how can a few bits of raw fish over rice be a meal? Well, if you facor in the bowls of soup, egg dishes, salads and deserts which also make the rounds on the sushi train, then it soon becomes a filling, healthy meal.

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