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Typhoon season

JAPAN | Friday, 6 October 2006 | Views [2132] | Comments [2]

More of the same- why is it me that only makes an effort on graduation day?

More of the same- why is it me that only makes an effort on graduation day?

There are some new pictures in the graduation folder....

So, I thought we had the infamous "rainy season" a few months back- at that time, all it seemed to do was rain seemingly non stop for two weeks- and it wasn't a decent rain like we get back home, a rain that knew what it was doing, like falling hard and straight to the floor- this rain would swirl about all over the place, soaking your face and clothes even if you were using a kasa (umbrella).

So I was pretty chuffed when that came and went- it sucks going to work in a wetsuit (literally, a wet business suit)! But now, over the past few days, with the arrival of Autumn, the skies have gone dark, the rain has poured and poured, and the winds have been ominous.

This is because it's typhoon season- The strength of the wind is something, and recently I have had a few moments where I thought the big window in the spare room might actually cave in because it faces oncoming. Aparently shipping, downtown mono-rail and other highspeed services such as the Shinkansen Bullet train frequently cease during this tricky season- However I'm more than happy to put up with a bit of wind instead of the searing heat that we had over the summer.

A major bonus over the last few days have been the lack of students at school due to to the weather. I have come to the conclusion that my Japanese students are like cats- they have a severe hatred of wet weather. On the days where I start at 7am, I know that when there is heavy rain, AT LEAST 50% of students will not turn up, taking refuge indoors. This doesn't go for me alone, all the teachers at GABA will dig out a book, surf the net or study some Japanese to while away the (paid) time waiting for next class.

Finally, welcome Anders! This week sees my ex-class mate Anders moving into my apartment, which is great for me for nothing else than immediately, all bills are halfed!

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I know what it's like with rain, get soaked most mornings on the bike at the minute. Wish nobody came to work, might get something done then.

  Richard Oct 7, 2006 3:10 AM


Hi Rich, how is married life treating you? Hope things continue to go well- Dan

  dan_in_japan Oct 10, 2006 2:20 PM

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