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Trip: Making a Local Connection on the Road

There are [22] stories from my trip: Making a Local Connection on the Road

Staying in a Kenyan Home

KENYA | Thursday, 20 Feb 2014 | Views [3209]

As a traveller – or even worse, as a tourist – it can be very difficult to come face-to-face with the normal, day-to-day life of a place, especially if faced with barriers of language, culture and ethnicity. Having been lucky enough to spend ... Read more >

Tags: connect locally, guesthouse, kenya, travel

Sweet Tea, Singing & Goat Meat: Celebrating a Maasai Wedding

KENYA | Thursday, 20 Feb 2014 | Views [5479]

As travellers, many of us are in constant search of genuine cultural experiences. This is especially true – and especially tricky – for that particular breed of travellers who want to capture such wonderful moments using various digital ... Read more >

Tags: goat meat, kenya, maasai, photography, singing, sweet tea, travel, wedding

Photographing Nicky the Rhinoceros

KENYA | Thursday, 20 Feb 2014 | Views [2210]

If you spend two years in close proximity to wildlife, developing strong bonds to the oddest animals - from squabbling hyena pups to wallowing warthogs - is perhaps inevitable. Despite that, nothing had prepared us for our meeting with Nicky. Nicky ... Read more >

Tags: learn new skills, photography, travel, wildlife

Spin Rocinha: How a DJ School is Empowering a Rio Favela

BRAZIL | Monday, 6 Jan 2014 | Views [6450] | Comments [1] | Video

Rocinha is the largest favela in Brazil with over 250,000 inhabitants and is located in Rio de Janeiro's South Zone between the districts of São Conrado and Gávea. Unlike its wealthy neighbouring districts, Rocinha has experienced decades ... Read more >

Tags: brazil, dj, education, favela, music, rio, rocinha, travel, youth

Beyond the Blue Lagoon - Hot Tubs & Coffee Scrubs in Iceland

ICELAND | Friday, 8 Nov 2013 | Views [5003] | Video

Iceland is famous for its geothermal spas and open-air ‘hot pots’ that offer a luxurious retreat from the icy temperatures outside. So when an opportunity to meet with a local Reykjavik swim club popped up I jumped at the chance. I thought ... Read more >

Tags: blue lagoon, cold, crazy, geothermal, hot pots, iceland, just go, ocean, swimming, travel

Deep Inside Rocinha: A Rio Favela Story

BRAZIL | Friday, 27 Sep 2013 | Views [5770] | Video

Going to Rio de Janerio for many people means a non-stop party, and while I had a great time of getting amongst the infectious atmosphere of Carnaval, I wanted to discover the other side of Rio that laid up the mountain, inside the Rocinha favela. ... Read more >

Tags: assignment, beaches, brazil, carnaval, culture, festival, film, filmmaking, rio, travel

Pedra do Sal, Birthplace of Samba

BRAZIL | Tuesday, 6 Aug 2013 | Views [4289] | Video

In February 2013, I had the absolute pleasure of travelling to Rio for Carnivale with the winners of World Nomads Travel Film Scholarship . Not only was it a great opportunity to mentor two young aspiring filmmakers, it also gave me the chance to indulge ... Read more >

Tags: brazil, pedro do sal, rio, rio music, rio travel, samba, samba music, world nomads

Bali Hot Springs - We should have cupped our ‘bits’!

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 22 May 2013 | Views [5323] | Comments [1]

A tale of inappropriate (un)touching on the road. It was a cultural faux pas of epic proportions! The old women of the village looked like they wanted to throw us into the nearby volcano. The young women giggled behind their hands. It was clear ... Read more >

Tags: bali, connect locally, inappropriate touching on the road, mount batur, travel

Greenland - Returning to a place I have never been

GREENLAND | Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 | Views [7697] | Video

3 years ago I started to have a recurring dream. I was standing on the edge of a boat, somewhere in the arctic, ice creaking, the sound of water running beneath me. Every breath I took felt as if my lungs were reborn, the stains of car exhausts, cigarette ... Read more >

Tags: greenland, greenland videos, travel greenland

Travel Indonesia - Is Balinese White Magic real?

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 5 Dec 2012 | Views [2450] | Video

Hanna Butler , the winner of  World Nomads 2012 Travel Writing Scholarship , travelled to Southeast Asia to immerse herself in the local culture and write about her experiences.  In Bali, Indonesia, Hanna seeks out and finds a traditional ... Read more >

Tags: bali, indonesia, magic, scholarship, travel, writing

Travel Indonesia - Bali Cremation Ceremony

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 28 Nov 2012 | Views [3005] | Comments [2] | Video

Hanna Butler , the winner of World Nomads 2012 Travel Writing Scholarship , travelled to Southeast Asia to immerse herself in the local culture and write about her experiences.  In Bali, Indonesia, a simple afternoon drive took an interesting ... Read more >

Tags: bali, cremation, indonesia, scholarship, travel, writing

Smoking - The Great Travel Leveller?

WORLDWIDE | Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012 | Views [5524] | Comments [4]

As many who have travelled from Australia to South America can attest, it is not the easiest or most luxurious of flights. So having just landed in bustling Buenos Aries; negotiated the Argentine version of a customs process, followed by collecting ... Read more >

Tags: smoking, tabacco, travel

Romancing the Road

WORLDWIDE | Tuesday, 14 Feb 2012 | Views [3300]

Travel Romance. These two little words can instantly conjure up the lovestruck notions that one day a beautifully coiffed Italian man will sweep you off your feet on his shiny red Vespa and that you’ll spend the rest of your days sipping Merlot ... Read more >

Tags: connect locally, journey, love, passion, people, relationships, road, romance, travel

The Old Warm vs Cold Christmas Debate

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 6 Jan 2012 | Views [2694]

Photo courtesy of Flickr.com , by Kudumomo.  When you are traveling the Southern Hemisphere around the holidays, you are bound to find yourself in a conversation about the difference of Christmas here and Christmas home. I hear ... Read more >

5 Things you Need to Know about the Germans

GERMANY | Monday, 26 Sep 2011 | Views [25932] | Comments [6]

There are a lot of prejudices and clichés about Germany. Some of them are true and some of them aren’t. We’re not drinking beer all the time and we’re not wearing Lederhosn and Dirndl all the year round. Most of us don’t even owe one of those. ... Read more >

Tags: connect locally, drinking, entertainment, europe, festivals, germans, germany, oktoberfest, travel, weather

Naadam - 3 Manly Mongolian Sports

MONGOLIA | Monday, 20 Jun 2011 | Views [5195]

Mongolian Morning I woke up to hear our jeep ignition turn on and leave the guesthouse.   I laid in my sleeping bag disturbed; wondering why Shack, our driver, sped off at 6AM without saying goodbye.   I felt a bit jolted ... Read more >

Tags: asia, entertainment, festivals, food, mongolia, naadam, sporting events, sports, travel

Nepalese Hospitality - Taking Shelter in a Tibetan Diner

NEPAL | Wednesday, 15 Jun 2011 | Views [2142]

As luck would have it, my new friend got a case of the dreaded Delhi belly‚ just two days before she was scheduled to accompany her husband on a trek around Nepal's Annapurna Himalayas. He went off trekking, leaving us to bond. I soon discovered ... Read more >

Tags: asia, culture, delhi belly, food, himalayas, hospitality, nepal, tibet, travel, weather

Being French in Kep

CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 14 Jun 2011 | Views [3433] | Comments [1]

We didn’t really know what we were expecting to do while in Kep. The beach isn’t as nice as those in Sihanoukville, and while there a few day trips you can do, the real drawcard is the amazingly fresh seafood and lazing in a hammock by the water’s ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, cambodia, connect locally, drinking, entertainment, food, france, french, kep, travel

Memories of Natal - Couchsurfing in North Brazil

BRAZIL | Tuesday, 31 May 2011 | Views [4753] | Comments [1]

I remember Natal as a collection of picture postcards – white sand beaches, aquamarine waves, coconuts plummeting from palm trees in the breeze. The sun beating down like a giant fan heater, melting my skin into ripples of sweat beads and the waves ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, brazil, connect locally, couchsurfing, experiences, experiences, natal, south america, travel

The Accidental Local: Finding Authenticity in Italy

ITALY | Monday, 2 May 2011 | Views [5649]

Photo courtesy of Stationary Hobo, Flickr.com Travelers who seem to have a unique gift to attract interesting experiences always seem to say that meeting people wherever they go is one of the greatest joys of traveling. Name any destination they've ... Read more >

Tags: cuisine, experiences, food, italian food, italy, locals, making a local connection, milan, travel, venice

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