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THAILAND | Saturday, 22 March 2008 | Views [510] | Comments [5]

It is especially hard to explain just how many people here on this little party island are Swedish when you consider that they, as a nation, only number 9 million.  Its harder still, then, to fathom that over a whopping 60% of everyone here, who isnt a resident, is a Swede.  It would move to suggest that right now Sweden is void of anyone between the ages of 19 and 24, and though i know this cant be the case, it makes me certain that the actual population of Sweden is closer to 9 billion and that, if they were all to suddenly return to the much worshipped motherland, Sweden would sink into ocean under the weight of them all.  That being said, it also means that i understand everything everyone everywhere is saying, what with the remaining population here being from London proper. 

The weather has been flawless with postcard scenes everywhere you look.  Too many beers every day have lead to a beer belly starting to form an annoying overhand on my one baggy shorts.  Also the discovery of a drink called, and served in, a bucket.  Wickedly alcoholic and annoyingly popular with everyone so that theyre all you can buy in some places, this 'cocktail' is a half bottle of Thai whiskey, a bottle of red bull like stuff and a can of sprite or coke or whatever you choose to try and disguise the taste of the whiskey.  This only matters for the first bucket however, as on the second you cant taste a thing, and are already half way through your third before you know whats happening.  No more buckets for us anyway, as tomorrow we move from here to another island, much smaller, where we will take our diving courses and become qualified scuba masters.  We should start diving in the next few days and, providing i dont burst any eardrums, ill have a good report to deliver then im sure. 




Hi Chris,

Just been reading about your travels . . .sounds fab!!!!!!! I'm planning on goin to OZ at the end of this year if all goes to plan. It would be great to meet up. Du know how long ur gonna be there for yet?

Your increasingly jealous step-bro . . .


  Spike Mar 22, 2008 11:13 PM


Happy Easter Christopher and Josefin, tried to call this morning but no answer -probably already on that third bucket as it would have been night time with you. We were up at Kate's egg throwing as tradition - in the snow! You must be excited at the thought of the scuba although the ear thing will make Tom twitch when Kate reads it out. Love and hugs. Mum xxx

  Mum Mar 24, 2008 1:32 AM


hi chris,

I just got my postcard today and i was so shocked to get it. thanks a lot. I have been reading all the blogs thus far which have been very interesting but teh card was a nice touch, u know how to please ;)

Everything here is alright (update on me since i can postcard u) finished classes so only 39 more days until i have completely finished university (except for graduation). my only news im afraid. (still single of course).

Hope the trip continues to be as exciting, Sam. Also loooooooooooooove to Jo :)

  sam no insults today........ Mar 24, 2008 3:35 AM


Hi Chris and Jo, You seem to be having a wonderful time. I am so envious!! Hope you continue to have fun. Keep safe. Much love Auntie Lizzie and Bruce xx

  Elizabeth Brockbank Mar 25, 2008 1:06 AM


Hello Hello Hello!

Received your post card the other day, was a very nice surprise, although I fear an ulterior motive to rub our Glasgow based frozen noses in your semi tropical food drenched salt bath was succeeded! You lucky bastards!

But I am also aware the weeks only number around 30 until Big Sur will be our bitch! Oh yeah! I do apologise for wishing away the rest of your trip, but our Yankeedoodle dandy experience cannot come quick enough.

Anyway not much else news from home, still job hunting to fund the american adventure, but we'll be there, maybe with no clothes on our backs and a small handkerchief for luggage, but we'll be there.

Until then, big love to you two from us two


  Boloni & Lorna Mar 25, 2008 5:18 AM

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