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Seoul: Bongeunsa

South Korea | Saturday, 22 May 2010 | 28 photos

The largest Buddhist temple in Seoul and it is also, ironically, in one of the busiest sections of the city. To go from the hustle and bustle of Coex, to the silence and sanctity of Bongeunsa, was unreal. The temple is only across the street from Coex and the Korean World Trade Center tower. The temples first buildings date back as far as 794. It was slightly raining and I ventured through the temple grounds with no umbrella and the Koreans all thought I was crazy! The rain wasn’t cold though and it made the tour more tranquil. I even meditated. Bongeunsa is also home to 15 of the sutras (get your minds out of the gutter). The woodblocks for 15 Buddhist sutras are preserved in Sutra Hall.