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Cassie's journey toooooo Italia

Photos: Spain!!!!

SPAIN | Thursday, 30 Dec 2010 | Photo Gallery

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ITALY | Thursday, 25 Feb 2010 | Views [222]

hey all, just thought i'd give you all an update of my travels, i'm now living in my own room which by the way is totally awesome, i have my own bathroom and even cooler a stripy sofa bed. i love it. i've also added a touch oif home and dedicated ... Read more >

it snowssss!!

ITALY | Saturday, 6 Feb 2010 | Views [364]

ahhh, i was soo upset yesterday morning... The weather man told me it would snow so i stayed up all day at school on thursday looking out the window and waiting for it to come... but it decided to snow during the night while i was sleeping,, ! but ... Read more >

the arts of orange cutting

ITALY | Thursday, 4 Feb 2010 | Views [274]

i've been getting to know my italian host family a bit more now and its been pretty interesting... apparently us australians have got it all wrong in the arts of eating an orange! i started cutting mine at dinner yesterday and the whole family gave ... Read more >

at my first day of italiano schooling

ITALY | Tuesday, 2 Feb 2010 | Views [267]

hello losere burghers, i had my first day of italiano school today and well, it was quite an experience...... lol. in my first class (philosophy) the teacher was completely out of it! I'd just sat down in my chair when the whole class moved over and ... Read more >

Alla mio nuova casa

ITALY | Saturday, 30 Jan 2010 | Views [271]

hey everyone, i'm sending this email from my new home in chieri, my house is so beattiful! my room is on the 2nd floor with chiara. it was a two hour drive to get here but we first stopped at our holiday house, about half an hour away from where i ... Read more >

Just arrived and having fun already

ITALY | Tuesday, 26 Jan 2010 | Views [223]

Well i'm currently relaxing in my hotel room in Milano with my new wep pals Elanie and Jess. It's soo awesome here. We have a whole room to ourselves with an amazing view, and a hilarious little italian T.V (their shows are sooo weird, we watched ... Read more >

on my way to ITALLLIA !

ITALY | Monday, 25 Jan 2010 | Views [289]

Hey everyone, im on the plane from bangkok to london at the moment. I’ve got just under 9hours left on this flight and then I’ll finally be in london!! Sorry about the panic attack just as I was about to leave, scared the bajeezus out of me. ((was ... Read more >

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