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Seven Continents

Roman Deli

ITALY | Wednesday, 12 Aug 2015 | Views [386]

Worms, mmmmm– worms. Have you ever eaten them? Neither have I, but I found a place that serves them. The only caveat is that you’d need a time machine. Rome is a fascinating place if you love history and ruins. I happen to love both and ... Read more >

Tags: deli, dining, egypt, italy, ostia antica, rome, slaves, worms

Photos: Ostia Antica

ITALY | Wednesday, 12 Aug 2015 | Photo Gallery

Old World Fast Food
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Tags: ostia antica, roman deli, travel food, worms

The Living Toilet

GHANA | Saturday, 1 Aug 2015 | Views [430]

I spent a month in Ghana working on a documentary some years back. At one point, the crew and I stayed in the Volta region with a family who was related to our subject. Everyone in the village was extremely friendly and excited that we were filming their ... Read more >

Tags: bathroom, documentary, ewe, ghana, togbe, volta region

Photos: Mysuru Watering Hole

INDIA | Thursday, 9 Jul 2015 | Photo Gallery

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No Translation

JAPAN | Thursday, 9 Jul 2015 | Views [423]

Some gestures transcend language. I find the best ambassadors come from the general population of any given country. When I was on business in Kyoto one of our party lost his wallet in a museum. He noticed the missing object when it was time to pay for ... Read more >

Tags: hospitality, japanese culture, kyoto, language barrier

Shades of Color

ANTARCTICA | Thursday, 9 Jul 2015 | Views [368]

Before I visited the white continent, I assumed the entire place would appear as a shadow land, filled with white, grays, and black. It would be the perfect habitat for black and white photography. I fancy myself a decent amateur photographer and thought ... Read more >

Tags: antarctica, icebergs, king penguins, shackleton, south georgia island

Photos: Helicopter-Hiking

CANADA | Thursday, 9 Jul 2015 | Photo Gallery

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Banff Lightning

CANADA | Thursday, 9 Jul 2015 | Views [322]

One of the benefits to playing a role in my friend’s wedding party was that I had the privilege of experiencing heli-hiking, aka the lazy man’s way to summit a mountain. Heli-hiking involves boarding a Huey helicopter– think Apocalypse ... Read more >

Tags: banff, helicopter, hiking, lightning

Photos: Profile

USA | Friday, 5 Jun 2015 | Photo Gallery

Profile gallery
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Mysuru Watering Hole

INDIA | Saturday, 23 May 2015 | Views [610] | Scholarship Entry

Chamundi temple stands atop a mountain in the city of Mysuru India. It is a vortex, drawing offering laden pilgrims up a thousand stairs to pay respects to the Hindu gods that reside there. About three quarters of the way up, my guides and I stopped at ... Read more >

Tags: 2015 Writing Scholarship

Photos: Great Barrier Reef

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 27 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

Sven Michael Davison
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Splashdown in Cairns

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 25 Sep 2008 | Views [297]

Cairns Australia is a tropical seaside city that boasts the largest gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re an aqualung astronaut such as myself, skipping Cairns is not an option. A stroll along the concrete boardwalk on the north side of ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, cairns, great barrier reef, mud

Photos: Color

ANTARCTICA | Monday, 18 Dec 2006 | Photo Gallery

Icebergs & Penguins
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Ushuaia Adoption

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 2 Dec 2006 | Views [708]

Ushuaia is the southern most town in Argentina on the island of Tierra del Fuego, which Argentina shares with Chile. The town holds a naval academy and is a port for ships traveling to Antarctica. The landscape is packed with jagged snow capped peaks, ... Read more >

Tags: antarctica, beagle channel, dogs, ushuaia

Photos: Kyoto

JAPAN | Saturday, 17 Jun 2006 | Photo Gallery

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