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Shabadoo and wifelette down under


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Key to the Kingdom

Thursday, 4 Dec 2008 | Views [892] | Comments [1]

So, Cat had rather a bad habit on our trip. Rather than secure the car key in a water-tight, fireproof safe which we would drag around behind us like some reluctant metallic child, she would instead leave it (and the attached keyring and mini-torch) ... Read more >

Gallery: Brisbane

Thursday, 13 Nov 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Erm, missing two months

Friday, 31 Oct 2008 | Views [515]

Yeah, managed to get from Broome (Western Australia) to Auckland (entirely different country) since our last entry. I'm not slow, just really lazy. Oh sure, I could tell you about the endless parties (lie), my life and death battle with a wombat (lie), ... Read more >

Movies Redux

Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008 | Views [503] | Comments [2]

Just because I've got nothing better to do, and I'm waiting for Cat to finish her part of the journal, here's a quick list of the movies we've seen on the road. Yeah, I'm that sad: Run, Fatboy, Run (got in free, but it was still mediocre) Juno (good ... Read more >

Gallery: Sydney to Brisbane

Thursday, 16 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: East Coast

Thursday, 16 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Ich bin nicht Boobenperverten.

Thursday, 18 Sep 2008 | Views [490] | Comments [2]

Okay, so we're sat by the pool in Kakadu Lodge, Jabiru. We're on reclining chairs facing away from the pool because that's the only place with shade, so we're oblivious of the people coming and going. Then it occurs to me - need pee. So I begin an ... Read more >

RIP Towels

Thursday, 18 Sep 2008 | Views [404]

We're still alive people, just a quick hello. And also a sad goodbye to our towels. Tragically they left us in Mount Isa a couple of days back, when our 5am start time meant that they were accidentally abandoned on the washing line at the campsite. ... Read more >

Gallery: The Top End

Thursday, 18 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

Miscellaneous pics, WA and NT.
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Gallery: Darwin

Thursday, 18 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Broome

Saturday, 6 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Monday, 18 Aug 2008 | Views [671] | Comments [2]

As we travel from caravan park to caravan park, I'm sure at least 3 of you are saying "But we have no idea of how you are living from day to day". You sad gits. Nevertheless, I shall explain. A typical arrival in a caravan park involves going ... Read more >

The Missing (Part 1)

Monday, 18 Aug 2008 | Views [591] | Comments [2]

Like a particularly itchy mozzie bite (of which we've collected a fair few), it has been bugging me that we've missed out on a few journal entries along the way. The first of which being our journey from Lavers Hill in Victoria (the dairy farm) to Adelaide ... Read more >

Gallery: Pearling

Monday, 18 Aug 2008 | Photo Gallery

Oh, the fishy smell.
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The aroma of seafood

Monday, 18 Aug 2008 | Views [560]

If we just sat in the tent at each destination, I'm sure these journal entries would be just as cynical and bitchy. Thankfully we occasionally do something stupid, and my moaning can be cranked up to record levels. Ladies and gentleman, I give you - ... Read more >

Gallery: North West WA

Thursday, 7 Aug 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: West Coast

Thursday, 24 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

Fremantle and up
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Gallery: The Vineyard

Monday, 14 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

Pruning in Gingin, West Australia
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Australia hints and tips

Monday, 7 Jul 2008 | Views [480]

Having travelled for four months now, there are some hints and tips we can pass on about various subjects, perhaps to help the unwary and inexperienced traveller:   If you choose to buy a car from Travellers Autobarn, you are a moron. ... Read more >


Monday, 7 Jul 2008 | Views [746]

The 550km drive to Coober Pedy is a long way through nothing. The 1600km across the Nullabor Plain might possibly drive you insane if you don’t have company or a very full MP3 player. Starting at Port Augusta, it is not long before you’re once again ... Read more >

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