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Calabozo, a look of the Venezuelan country life

My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Worldwide | Monday, 20 September 2010 | 5 photos

Me? well, I was born in Venezuelan, this country is so full of natural beauty (in people, landscapes, traditions, music, folklore, etc) that's really no surprise at all with such a graphic need to express, me and much people around the world feel this is the right place to be, and keep both eyes wide open, waiting for that magic moment, the right moment to do the click and find a great photo.

So, that specific thought made me realize i was born to be an artist, the thing then was to find my skills... My dad is being traveling all of his life. It was in one those long travels (I think it was to the Venezuelan Andes) where taking photos with that old CANON AE-1 and F1 we had that I found love for photography and writing. So when school was over I took the long road to the university, where I do now study Lic. Arts mention Graphic Design. Which I think is the perfect career for me to start, because it involves both arts knowledge and GD skill which gives me the opportunity to became an artist which is my most significant goal and also get an income by using this knowledge in favor of companies graphic needs.

Now I'm 19 yrs. old and running my 7th (of 10) semester, almost got my degree with excellent qualifications, hoping to do later studies on Semiology, History of Arts, Philosophy, Sociology or maybe Anthropology. I do now have and CANON Rebel XTi and love traveling to exotic places to find moments of magic, that moments that sticks in your mind and with a little luck, in greats photos.
I want this scholarship, I wish to know the wold, not the top touristic locations, no, I would love to find those moments of magic in lost places of the world's cultures. And this is a good moment, I'm young, good shape, and with an inexhaustible thirst of knowledge.

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