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How to Make a Bus Trip Memorable

ARGENTINA | Monday, 21 March 2011 | Views [908]

Leaving Buenos Aires was tough; the city is massive and I could have easily spent another 2 weeks exploring it and trying to get to everything I wanted. I had heard about Iguazu Falls from my roommates who went and highly recommended it so when I heard there was a 4 day holiday weekend and most things would be shut anyways, I decided to go! As much as I don’t mind traveling alone, it’s so nice to have friends on trips with you when you go sightseeing. Not only is it nice to have company, everything from accommodation to simple things like taking pictures becomes so much easier! Luckily for me, the day before leaving I noticed a sign on the board at school from Linn, a girl interested in going to Iguazu for the weekend and looking for others interested! This sounds made up but while reading it I noticed she mentioned if anyone was interested, to come talk to her AT THAT VERY MOMENT. Destiny, thank you again! 10 minutes later, I had 3 new friends coming with me to Iguazu and although Linn was the youngest of the 4 of us, she happened to be the most organized and before I left, she had worked out our accommodation, got on the same bus as me, and arranged a time to meet. I couldn’t have asked for it to be easier and almost felt like I should give her a commission!


Here is the thing about Argentina: it’s massive. It’s long, it’s wide, and everything is spaced out. As a non-resident, they also don’t make it easy to fly sometimes charging over double the price it would cost if you were a resident! The only way we were getting there was by bus and this meant almost 20 hours staring out of a partially curtained window at small towns and fields. When you take a long bus trip, you have a few options including a seat that is semi-cama (half bed) or cama (bed). I decided to brave it and go semi-cama to save some cash and I’m glad I did! You get to partially lay down and it really isn’t too bad, much more comfortable than an airplane seat, unless you’re in first class but let’s be honest, I could stay in a first class seat for days and feel great about life so that doesn’t really count as a comparison.


The bus ride went smoothly besides that it was 45 minutes late (is there any other way in Argentina?) and we arrived about 1.5 hours after we were supposed to, but still early enough to have a day ahead of us. The only unsmooth thing on the bus was, not surprisingly, me. I speak Spanish, I’ve been on long bus rides (college basketball days had a few classics) and I’m a smart person but leave it to me to make it awkward!


A few hours into the trip I went to the bottom level to use the only bathroom on the bus. You can’t tell if anyone is inside so I knocked and tried to open the door. It remained closed so I leaned next to the bus door and waited. I started getting concerned about 15 minutes into it and figured the person inside might have a friend so I kept peeking around the corner so everyone would know I was waiting, hoping someone would come check on whoever was inside. This is the point where patience should have given way to concern, frustration, anything really but for some reason I was feeling the love and just decided to wait it out. Another 10 minutes went by and the 2nd bus driver came down. He looked at me a bit strangely (I think he had seen me go down over 30 minutes before) and asked me if I needed help. I hope he meant on the bus and not in a mental capacity but either way, I explained I was waiting for the bathroom. Keep in mind, this can be heard by everyone in the lower level so I just politely say I think someone is not feeling well. He peeked past me at all the passengers sitting down and then tugged hard at the door. No one, I repeat, no one was inside. I felt like the biggest idiot. I’m pretty sure he said “pobrecita” which basically means, “aw you poor thing,” laughed, and walked back up the stairs. When I came back out, I was too embarrassed to look at anyone on the bus but I’m pretty sure I heard someone clap.




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