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Blogging Through My Bucket List Most travel is best of all in the anticipation or the remembering; the reality has more to do with losing your luggage. ~Regina Nadelson

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Some of the littlest kids at Raising Up Hope!

Some of the littlest kids at Raising Up Hope!

I've spent many hours in a University classroom, a basketball court, an assembly plant and an office. All of these opportunities helped me make the decision that my passion lay in opportunities and places outside of the normal routine.

Since quitting my job in 2008, I've lived and worked in Madrid Spain, Bulenga Uganda, and Wellington New Zealand. I've spent time in Vietnam, Lebanon, South Africa, Mozambique, Costa Rica, Italy and a few others and learned my favorite part about traveling is the people I meet along the way!

I'm not a professional photographer or writer (working on that one!) and I don't own a fancy camera. I just want to document the amazing cultures and experiences I encounter and share them with people who may be interested! Some unusual things about me: I don't like ice cream but love gelato, I played Division I basketball at my University and I haven't mastered the "camera smile" and so a majority of my pictures have me looking like I just recently experienced the best moment of my life. You'll see what I mean. Embarrassing.

I've also been lucky enough to discover a few of my passions and they include teaching (basketball especially!) and humanitarian work. My goal is to make the world a smaller place and make it easy to understand far-away issues and care about what's happening in other places; I'm insanely fortunate and I know it so it's time to share my good fortune with others.

Also, gum. I love gum.

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