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Bryce Hughes Journal My submissions for the Nat Geo scholarship with Jason Edwards.

My Scholarship entry - Wild for life - AIDS testing in rural Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe | Sunday, November 23, 2014 | 5 photos

I can't keep myself away from photography.
It keeps pulling me back into it, it keeps leading me in new directions.
There are always going to be people who are better photographers than I am, always. They all have these things in common - they're not me, do not see like me, they don't have my vision and they will not love it like I do.
This is not an arrogant statement, it's what identifies my photo's as my own.
Thats where, beauty, art and life magically lie.
Being an amateur photographer has afforded me many adventures in life, so in due course, I pay it back where I can. Such as this volunteer work for a NGO that works with health clinics in rural parts of Zimbabwe offering free aids testing amongst MANY other things to help improve quality of life for those it can reach.
I shoot the occasional wedding and it's fun, I love taking pictures of arguably one of the best days of peoples lives.
I want to build a bridge from that side of the bank to something like yours. Everyone has their own path, I feel this scholarship could be mine.
I hope to be inspired, to learn valuable lessons from your stories and to gain confidence that everyone starts in the same place, and it CAN be done.

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