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The end of Puebla, and the beginning of Hautulco.

MEXICO | Monday, 1 February 2010 | Views [905] | Comments [5]

I know that there are bad things going on in the world.  Haiti, and more recently Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail.  With that said, it is hard to describe how good I feel, and how much I appreciate this adventure.

Yesterday was not a good day.  The good byes started on Wednesday, continued through an amazing dinner on Thursday night - courtesy of the school - and obviously on Friday.  

Not to pick favourites, but Adrien and I were able to make each other laugh until we cried.  And Larry, Virginia, Ryker and I had great, wide ranging conversations over red wine Friday nights.  Religion, politics, and the state of the world.  (And second and third mention to Ryker, he works with NGO's trying to make a difference in the world, a little at a time in places I can't even imagine going, and threw a great and very generous wine and cheese at his place last week!).  And Kelly, who blew out a hair dryer trying to get warm under the covers, and Victoria, who conquered the transit system but never did have a good taxi driver, and Sarah, who worked in French at a kids camp in Quebec on her gap year from Australia and is off next to Wisconsin to ski, and Sophie, who has the guts to leave a perfectly good life in London for the unknown in Puebla, and who may get a job teaching English if she can figure out the right person and method to offer a bribe, and Matt, who was so excited by it all that he invited his parents to Puebla for his last few days, and Antonio, maybe the most amazing Director of Education ever, and Silvie, my teacher, who was incredible, and the guides, and the host families.......  it was in total, amazing.  

Yesterday sucked.  I left Puebla, somewhat confused as the school bought my bus ticket but the bus company knew nothing about it, I left late, I arrived in Mexico City at a hotel I hated, and all was really bad.  But then I sorta thought it through - hmm - dude - when was the last time you ate, and how much sleep have you had?  Because your attitude at the moment is a wee bit negative.  So considering I had got to bed at about 2:30 AM the night before after yet another great night with Adrien and girlfriend, Sophie, our favourite guide (unnamed, as I'm pretty sure he's not supposed to play with us after hours), and after yet another Friday night dinner with Ryker, Larry and Virginia, and then had up at 7:00 AM, maybe I just might be a bit unreasonably bitchy.  So I slept, ate, and sure as hell, everything turned out well this morning.  

Now I'm in a very small city in Huatulco - La Crucecita.  There is nothing south of here until you get to Antarctica.  It's warm, I'm at sea level so the air is thick, I've got an amazing room for about $40 a night for the next 4 nights, and am looking forward to hitting the beaches. There's 9 bays to explore, so it could take awhile.  

It's about 8:00 PM now, so the music is about to start, I'll get some food and cervezas, and the night will be great.  I am experiencing a bit of culture shock, though, with the sudden exposure to touristas, people speaking English, and 'northern' people generally.  I've appreciated people asking me whether I would like them to speak to me in English or Spanish, rather than automatically assuming English.  And they've really appreciated me requesting Spanish.  

Now, not to be bitchy, but just wondering - how is it possible that I can have somewhere in the range of 40 - 400 views of these journal entries, and then only 1 or 2 comments?  Just curious.  I like the view counter, but wouldn't mind a little feedback now and again....



Look forward to Primo Secundus and discussing stuff over much red wine.

  Hugh Feb 1, 2010 3:02 PM


What an incredible journey you've had, Brian! People, places, language, culture, philosophies... and more. I keep saying "omigod how incredible"... and wanting to use a lot of exclamation points (lots!!!). Enjoy your after-Puebla time on those many beaches. Cheers! We celebrated Hugh's last day with champagne and balloons (of course). And just waiting for you to get back for a slightly late Primo Secundus! Cheers, Slainte, and all that - Celai

  Celia Feb 1, 2010 7:11 PM



Yes, I may be the only one who calls you that but, please do appreciate that you have a nickname.=D

Im loving the blogs!! Sometimes feels like I am watching Glee in our living rooms.. I miss you frantically and can hardly wait to sit in person share a bottle of wine and some cheese and really hear the "behind the scenes" stories I know that will come from this wonderful journey you're on.

Love and miss your sexy Glee loving ass and cant wait to share a moment!

Ill be loving you from afar.. for now.. but expect a knock at your door one day soon!!

I Love you,
"The Appointment"

  Miss Kari Prevost aka "The Appointment" Feb 3, 2010 4:15 PM


Hi Snookums, I haven't been on for about a month of just right after you left, and had to read on to try to figure out when you'll be home, cause we gotta plan work, and I emailed you to your telus account to welcome you home, when you get home. Next time, can you take me with you on a trip like this, sounds fabulousoooooooooo.

And.....consider this as a comment tooooooooo. Talk soon.

  G Feb 4, 2010 10:47 AM


Alsoooo, do the cervaso's taste different? (coronas).

  G Feb 4, 2010 10:49 AM

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