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I can't believe we are travelling together again

Journal Entry Days 15-19

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 21 April 2009 | Views [452]

DAY 16


Yeah!!! A bit of a sleep in this morning, we didn’t get up til 6.45am!!


Breakfast was actually included, so no further hassling with the sleazy, shifty restaurant owner.

We only had to drive 2 hours to our beach huts so that was good. I was even considering snorkelling until our tour leader scared the living daylights out of us with warnings of dangerous poison things in the water (cheery soul??)


We all decided  that even if these dangerous creatures of the deep were on their way to some other country, they would put themselves out to come back for me.


The food at this place called Sawa camp on the Red Sea has been terrific, the weather warm and you can look across the sea to the lights of Saudi Arabia.


The group are starting to click a bit more now, but still not as good as the previous tour.



DAY 17



Another beautiful day in paradise. Nothing to do but walk along the beach until lunch is served.


We have to catch a ferry at 2pm to take us to Jordan. The last group to do our tour waited 9 hours for the ferry to arrive! And we complain about our transport system???


Luckily we only waited 2 hours before boarding. Mind you the ferry sat there until 5.30pm before actually taking off.


We all had our tickets and passports checked by 1,000 different people on our way to our seats. Many local people were pushed to the back of the queue behind us tourists. They were naturally no happy about this and certainly voiced  this to the people in charge.


The ferry finally took off after a seemingly endless queue of Arabic men wandered passed by us to get their passports stamped.


They came around selling hamburgers and chicken which did not appear very tasty or healthy.


So as to avoid the long queue getting off the ferry, our leader encouraged us to go to the front of the boat and queue prior to docking. The officials at the front of the ferry obviously did not approve of this practice and herded us into another area while they allowed several other passengers to disembark first. There were plenty of officials and there was a lot of yelling and argueing from them and other passengers in Arabic. They seemed to treat the passengers like they were prisoners. We all sat quietly and moved when we were told.


We eventually got off the ferry, went through customs, had our bags checked again and showed our passports to another 35 people (slight exaggeration !!)


Hooray! A nice hotel even with ensuite and dinner at 11pm??




DAY 18


A nice lazy morning, a proper shower, even internet plus pita bread with jam for breakfast.


Aquaba is a seaside town for Jordanians and you can look across the water to Israel. It seems very close.


The streets of Aqaba were much, much cleaner than Egypt but the actual beach was littered with Jordanian holiday makers and their RUBBISH!


We left Aqaba at 12 by bus for Wadi Rum where we transferred to 4WD’s for our dessert safari.


3 hours of dessert rocks etc and we arrived at our camp, literally in the middle of nowhere!


Dinner was already cooking underground for us oh! And just for good measure they brought their cat along to kill any small critters which might be lurking. I don’t know which concerned me more, the thought that critters might be lurking or the fact that we had a cat at camp which I am allergic to??


We all slept outside on mats under the stars with the cat and the critters until some of us got cold or sick or diarrohea. A fun night was had by all!



DAY 19


Tony was one of the unfortunate victims with food poisoning , and one of the group had to actually stop to get injections from hospital.


Our next stop was Petra where there is an ancient city carved out of stone.


Our rooms in Petra were not ready so we had to get straight back on the bus minus showers etc. for a 4 hour walking tour.


Thank god the weather has been kind to us along he way, oh and by the way I am so over public toilets in the middle east.



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