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I can't believe we are travelling together again

Journal Entry Days 20-23

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 23 April 2009 | Views [466] | Comments [2]

DAY 20


Back to ‘Petra’ for another 4 hour hike to a ‘monastry’ high on the hill. Why can’t they carve these important monuments at ground level?


Why must we suffer to get there?


It was pretty spectacular as you will see from the photos but I am very glad that we did the trek early in the day before the heat really hit!


Back to the room for ice cream, gin & tonic, and a ‘nanna nap’.


Off at 8am tomorrow morning for the ‘Dead Sea’ and some floating without floaties. Apparently, even Bernadette can float here.


We will test this theory tomorrow.



DAY 21



8AM on the bus ready to go. We were held up slightly while one of our group quickly left the bus to throw up.


Off we went to Karak Castle. The roads were very windy and the scenery did not change until quite high up when we actually saw our first glimpse of green for a while.


Mostly we see sand, sand and more sand with varying degrees of rocks added to the mix. Therefore when we see a bush or even a tree it is cause for great excitement.


Don’t get me wrong, this is an extremely interesting trip and as we have been travelling north from Cairo each town or region or country appears cleaner, more friendly, less pushy and more variety of food etc.



From late afternoon onwards in any of the middle eastern towns, there is not a woman in sight, either walking, in a shop, a restaurant or anywhere??


Back to the journal…… Yes we went to the ‘Dead Sea’ and yes Jess and Tony did float as per the photos to come but (for reasons which I don’t care to divulge here) I did not test the theory.


We then headed to our new hotel in Madaba (still Jordan) where we actually have free wireless internet, and a pool with water in it!!

The pool at the hotel in Cairo was empty.


Madaba is famous for mosaics and there is a lovely old greek orthodox church with original mosaics.



DAY 22 & 23 ( I missed a day somewhere but I am sure that you guys will not notice)


A nice leisurely day pottering around at the hotel and walking around town.


We are all off tomorrow morning at 8.30 am in 3 private taxis for 12 people with LUGGAGE!! For a 3 hour journey into Syria. Should be fun??








Fantastic Diary ... feels like I'm there!
Best ones

  Shane Miller Apr 26, 2009 7:56 AM


Thanks for the compliment Shane, glad you are enjoying it


  bernadette_tony-travelling Apr 26, 2009 7:34 PM



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