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Trekking Solo: My Adventures Down Under

About ashleyhelmick

Australia bound and beyond excited, I'm taking the trip of a lifetime April 24-May 24, 2013! A first timer in solo travel (except for overseas flying), I'm a little nervous to be conquering a new continent alone. I'll be in a tour group for a major portion of the trip, however, and I cannot wait to get there and get started. Then, I'll finish the trip spending a few days with my brother who is studying abroad in Brisbane! 

My trip will cover the Northern Territory, Southern Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

A passion for travel sparked when I was young, and it has only continued to flourish through my many adventures that I've been very fortunate to have had. A big thank you to my mother, father, and great aunts for helping support my curiosity and self-education through travel and tourism-- after all, that was my major :) 

After packing and re-packing, packing and re-packing, I've managed to fit all of my things into ONE backpack. So it's official: One girl, One Backpack, One month.

I have a lot to look forward to and I'm ready to begin a new adventure. 

Hope y'all enjoy following my journey as I keep you updated along the way!

xoxo, Ashley

My Travel Map: