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Its so inconvenient - Why do I travel?

HONG KONG | Tuesday, 20 July 2010 | Views [606]

My  new Chinese friend Slim wanted to know why I travel. I was surprised by this question - I thought everyone wanted to travel! I mumbles something about  seeing people and world...He said it was so inconvenient...!

Hm.Later,  wrote this in my journal:


On the plane. Two unrelated thoughts: People here walk slower. And yet they seem to get where they want to. It looks easy, with ease.

The other thought is about the question Slim had asked. Why DO I travel!? He is right - it IS inconvenient! He's right! Not always water. No good means of communication. Nothing (even wanting to go to the bathroom! - let alone digesting food) is ever "easy". I smile all the time - to avoid miscommunication, and because I feel like I represent the "foreigner". And - lets face it - I am dependant on these other people to tell or signal  me where I need to go, what I need to do.

Of course, you will say - its about exploring. People, landscapes,about stimulating the mind with new things. Yes, seing people smile all around the world, seing their interaction with each other and in particular their children (somehow that\s impportant to me..). Thankfully enough, I see sameness. That's reassuring... Humanity exists everywhere.

Also - even though I don't like to admit it - traveling also makes me proud. Feeling independent. Superwoman in action:)No matter what the situation, there is a way out, a way around, or just a way of accepting. (allright, yes, I am talking about digestion:)) Tackling that next seemingly unsolvable challenge. the kick I get, the feeling in the pit of my stomach, the life that curses through my body when I see the world in my mind and realize: i am alittle speck right here, alone, far from home, free. And I have the stories, adventures and pictureds to prove it!

And there is the third reason: The dimension that is probably the hardest to describe. How about like this:
When there is nothing to do but be,
when there is no thought but here,
when there is no time but now
- I can sink into myself.

Connect. It is like being a stranger brings me closer to myself, lets me reconnect....

Yes, Slim, this is why I travel. Why I like inconvenience. Why being alone and strange and a little fearful of the moment ps healing to me.

I would like to transfer that way of thinking to every day, but the rush of routine seems to creep back in whe I get back- do you think its possible?


Well, my friends,these are my thoughts. Let me know what you think. As for me, I am in Kowloon district in HKG, full of international people, it seems like people from all over the globe live here. And tons of bazaar like  good shopping options!  Have a cute room til tomorrow - will upload some pics soon. Check back:) Love from me and the mind to accept whatever situation you are in right now.

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