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beach and the art of being languid

INDIA | Saturday, 13 September 2008 | Views [692]

Oh! I hurt in all places! My back because of the blue spots that I got from stemming the fish out of the water, my legs from that, too, and my arms from rowing:) It's a complete thing! Hihihiiii and its so much fun!

However, that task kind of took over the rest of the day. I went for breakfast....when I returened home I made a discovery that was fatal to any movement for the rest of the day: I have a HAMMOCK! right in front of my room, on my porch. And after some detailed engineering inspections (don't you HATE it when that think comes down right after you placed your butt in it...) I decided it was safte for a nice 3h nap.

:) so that was the afternoon. Then I went to the beach, since the weather was still pretty good. There I met two guys one Indian, one Argentinian, as I would find our later. They said they were interviewing people, so now I will be famous:).

I chilled on their porch (which is really nice because it has a DIRECT view of the beach) for the reat of the day, interrupted only by some seafood that was longing for my belly.

I feel like there is an art of being languid (I mean without the drugs!) especially for us high-energy oh-I-GOTTA-do-something people. Goa is like that. It almost forces that onto you. And I think that's what people like about it.

It's also cool now, because, as my Goan friend says: During the season there are TOO many tourists. And the whole village is transformed, too. What looks in shackles now will be a nice and romantic hut in a month!!

I have only three days laft, and I am starting to feel that. The days are counted, if you know what I mean, so I want to plan them. :) Here we go again:) Well, one is reserved for walking on the beach, I think. I will see how far I make it. And one for doing some last minute shopping. Oh, and I promised that guy I would come for the pinapple he has picked out for me, which he PROMISES is totally sweet.  (of course, in ADDITION to the papaya..)

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