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Streets, birds, the joy of cleanliness and catholicism

INDIA | Thursday, 11 September 2008 | Views [817] | Comments [1]

Dear friends: do you realize I have only a few days left? Oh-me-god!! So, I will share some "short stories" with you, before I tell u about my days here in Goa.

Signs of the street

When traveling on streets here I have a lot of fun. I don’t just mean after I arrive, ut even during my trips. The reason for that is that the signs are sometimes extremely specific and detailed. I wrote down a few that are only related to my Leh trip, but I saw many in Delhi and in Rajastan, too. They are mostly written with paint onto rock or whatever else there is available and go something like this:” Peep, peep, don’t sleep”. Or:”If you sleep your family will weep!” or: “Driving with whiskey is riskey”:) I think we all mean what they are referring to hihi.

Feeding the birds

So I had my first papaya here in Goa. They are HUGE ad cost much less than in other parts I have been to. This is cool, because I LOVE papayas. As you know the peel cannot be eaten. So, I decided to give the peel to the cows, which is good in two ways: it will not rot (RECYCLING!, we Germans LOVE that, too) and I am doing something good for my Hindu soul (and who really knows, what kid of soul he has….just in case ;) ). I couldn’t find a cow on the beach that day(WEIRD!) so I decided to give it to the pigs – they roam around with their small oes and always grunt happily. The pigs were scared of me (also WEIRD, I think). But when I threw the papaya peel in their direction, a crow came and got it. So THAT is what I was supposed to do! Feed the CROWS!! So I did. They are really fast and clever. One even caught the peel in midair!! FUN!

I’m Clean

So after five days of trekking and some days of traveling and picky shower days before that (hey, it was COLD!!) I finally decided to do it: I washed, cut, cleaned my body thoroughly:) that was fun, too. Now I am clean again! Jippy! I didn’t realize (no, actually, I just couldn’t remember…) how GOOD it feels. And there wasn’t even any hot water! Man, that first shower at home will feel GREAT!!

Catholic India

Most people are catholic here. The whole Portuguese history. So, like in Bavaria, Italy, Austria, .. they have little shrines on the sides of the road. They are covered with flowers, and every morning, some boy comes and puts new flowers there. The old ones are eaten by the cows, by the way - nice circle! There are SOME Hindus, but not many, it seems. And there are SO many churches, Jesus schools, Mary middleschools, etc. People walk around with crosses hanging from their neck. It’s really different.

Here in Goa, Paolem beach, I will probably just stay for the last few days. It is still raining (no kidding: ALL the time!!), but I have decided, it's not really worth it to venture out. I found a weird Yoga teacher, (I will probably only take one more class from him) and I will do some shopping, maybe, or just lounging/ chilling. Oh, tomorrow morning at 5 am I am going out with the local fishermen, so that should be cool!I have never done that! I guess I will find more things like this, so it should be okay:) Have fun-I will tell u more:)

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You are really having fun! Try this: Watch a cow eating. It is a very calming experience I think :)

  Babi Sep 12, 2008 12:42 AM

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