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Yoga is BACK!

INDIA | Wednesday, 3 September 2008 | Views [600]

So after feeling restless and definitely not calm,I decided to join one of the yoga classes this morning. The days in Rajastan were just a little hurried and sine I am here it’s a social whirlpool. It’s nice, but I got out of this calm everyday-floating easiness that determined my rythem every day before. You have to decide important questions like :who is she/he? Can I remember the mane? When will me meet again? Will I come to the stupa with them?...etcetc.

So yoga was definitely the right thing. Kyra, our yoga teacher is one of the few Americans here and she was great. I feel energized and relaxed at the same time. And, as one of my dear readers (I LOVE saying that!) noticed, I was somewhat wiggly-minded in my last blog…hope this one is better;)

Let me tell you about leh a little bit: Imagine a very quiet village in the Alps. Then mix that with some serious Hippies, and you are almost there. About 50% of the people are tourists. Another maybe 10% are here only FOR tourism, which means they run agencies, shops etc, only in summer.  There are many Nepalese people who I met, who do it this way: sell clothes and food in summer here, and go back to Nepal in winter (you might be surprised to hear that it gets only up to -4C in winter in Kathmandu, so that IS really the place to be in winter…). Tourists are mainly Israeli, but there are some Euros, too :German, British, French, and I even met a Norwegian journalist! The occasional American will make their/its? appearance.

So tomorrow trek, until Monday, then I fly out to Delhi on Tuesday and catch a train down to Kerala the same day. I have to pack still, and my friendly agency-guy, who goes by the name of Zia will check today, if he thinks I have packed enough clothes. (and actually LEND me the rest!!:)) cool.

Montesuma seems angry. At least  at me, so I have it: I admit. Montesumas revenge is upon me. It could be worse, though. I have no fever. And I mostly feel okay. Just after I eat, I better stay close to the bathroom. And the night is not so pleasant, I wake up with stomach-rumbling (what are they, FIGHTING??!?). Well, I wanted to treat it the Ayuvedic way, but given the fact that I am going on a trek tomorrow, I took a heart and now I am taking antibiotics. “The only sure way to go”, according to the pharmacist I went to. Hope it will be okay.

Allright, have a beautiful ming, speech and heart (as our yoga teacher told us today)! She practiced law for 6 years and then quit, sold everything and went on what she calls a honeymoon, for a year. Cool, huh? I LOVE hearing stories like that. Now she learned  Ayuvedic Massage and Yoga and is traveling/studying for 7 months now. Cool Californians!!

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