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I am looking to join a grup for trekking...

INDIA | Tuesday, 2 September 2008 | Views [731]

...that was my first sentence in abut 20 agencies. After my original group had canceled on me on Monday evening I walked arund Leh, searching for an alternative. There are MANY trekking/outdoor agencies. However, the trekking season is slowly coming to an end here, and either people are going for longer, or shorter treks, or they are leaving too late for me *my flight out is on the 9th( or the are simly fat-bellied people, who enjoy staying at the Ladakh festival (which lasts upto the 15th). 

The good news is: I am going on the trek I want. It is a 5-day trek from Lamayuru to Chillin, and supposedly gorgeous. However, I am giong alone. Whoops, no. I am going with a guide, of course, but there are no additional people in the group. So (as my Nepalese shopkeeper-friend remarked) it will be quite a meditative experience. I am leaving no thursday, so I have an additional day to finally catch the yoga class they are offering here. The french Tai chi techer I met this morning over breakfast said the class was one of the best he had ever seen. I guess, he's the pro, he has to now;>

As to my Isreali friends: they have left n what is called the "baby-trek". Because you can absolutely do it by yourself and you don't go much higher than 3800m. So I am haveing a relatively stess-free time. I meet with some guys from Bombay, who have quit their jobs and have been travelling for 14 months. Their original plan was to travel for a year, but they said they are just having such a good time...You might think it to be extreme, and yu might think that these people must look crazy, but they are not. The just can't be botheres to do more "un-necessary" stuff than they absolutely have to. She fre-lances for a travel-magazine and makes enough to keep them travelling for a while.

Allright!Oh, by the way the plane was a regular, boring 737. :< And the ride was absolutely smooth, even though some people said the pilot almost tuched the mountain top with one of the wings when flying a left curve...:> scared youngster!! ;>

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