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Spam = classy gift, and Konglishee tshirts

SOUTH KOREA | Friday, 10 November 2006 | Views [3999] | Comments [1]

Spam really is a luxury item here!

It’s true, really really. A product that none of us would touch is an item of class here. Apparently South Korea is the second largest consumer of the lovely pink gelatinous meat, and people give it as gifts for Thanksgiving as it’s just too nice to enjoy alone…

And as some further amusement...

A little – and somewhat rude - sample of Konglish tshirts to be found in the good ol’ RoK. They’re usually worn by unsuspecting people with no real translation of the meaning (if there’s one to be had), usually ajummas - old married women - and school children, some are serisouly worrying. 

Save the Apartheid, Boycott of the Lesbian, Nazi Lettuce Growers or Jesus of the Nuclear Whales

She offered her honour, He honoured her offer, So all night long it was honour and offer

White lover

I love to give head

Evolution starts at home

I love my hooker

Eat your vegetaballs

I see you've already met the twins

The lord of surfing got off in me

Don't send my job to Mexico

Juicy stripper pole

Do you believe I’m a virgin?

Today, a girl wearing a shirt with cats on it 'Our pussies, our choice'.

I’m not gay but my boyfriend is

I did Justin twice

(with a picture of Bambi sticking her bum in the air) That’s the way we like to *beep*

Getting’ lucky in the box

Making you homosexual

Welcome to loserville, Population, you - and an image of a large can labelled "whoop-ass" being opened

High rollers coming through, Get the *beep* out of my ways

Come to Mary's fishing shop. She's always open. And she's got crabs too.

North Korea - Where's the beef?

Bang Bang The Morning Glory

Porn needs me

This is my clone

A cream cardigan, with 2 churches knitted into the front and on the back - Even Jesus loves me

I'll be your Personal Jesus

All your base are belong to us

Think long and hard

Choose juicy

My Mexican works for less than your Mexican

A penis stronger than a sword

My pink ate my homework

IQ 23 club

Bosnia girl

Do you want to see my camel toe?

Just dot me

Sun your buns

I love law students

Slam down a dew

Mickey in my Minny

For being is happy today 

Then of course you also have the stores Teeny Weenie and Fat Dog should phrase emblazoned tshirts not be enough for you.

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Hey Annie,

Having grown up in Korea, I have read many of these messed up shirts. Including one that said, "Just do me!" I told the girl what it meant and she went right into a store and bought a different shirt. She made me help her pick one that wasn't nasty.

My wife, son, and I came to the USA in 2000 and opened a Hapkido school in Florida. I trained at the Pyongtakd(SongTan) dojang under Grandmaster Chang Young-Shil. He is one of the original Hapkido instructors form long ago. He was very good friends with Myung jae-Nam, Han Bong-Soo, and Ji Han-Jae. They all trained together back the 50's and 60's. WHAO! Long time ago.

I enjoyed reading your journals. Thank you. It makes me cry and long to go back home to Korea. I miss it so much. I hope you come to our dojang in Florida someday and visit us. It would be a pleasure to meet you. ^_^

Jeff, Mija, and Hwa-pyong Allen

  Master Jeff Allen IHF Apr 2, 2008 11:28 PM

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