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Sacred Valley Ruins

PERU | Monday, 16 March 2009 | Views [442]

Aaron in the Labyrinth of Qenqo

Aaron in the Labyrinth of Qenqo


We caught a bus to Tambomachay, 12 ks up the sacred valley from Cuzco so we could walk back to Cuzco down hill. Tambomochay is known as the baths of the princess. It is a small ruin where two aquaducts supply all the water all year round. This was our first introduction to the unique way the Inca engineered water ways all through there towns. Water was worshiped as the source of life - amd rightly so!

Puka Pukara

Across the road was the Incan Barraks. Used to comtrol the administrative centre and also as a food warehouse. Built with fortified walls on a hill top, it also contained farming terraces. They look like giant steps cacading down the mountainside. Good for defence also.


A very unique ruin, built out of a huge natural solid piece of granite. Half on on side left natural as we were to see through out the ruin of the sacred valley. A symbol of worship for Pachamama ( Mother Earth).This paticular site is a worship of fertillity, with a huge phallis out the front.Vandalised and defaced by spaniards of coarse! The entrance on one side leads to an alter inside a cave..perhaps the female side of the structure. All and all a very unique ruin in its aesthetic and function.


Pronounced like Sexy-woman, its a bit of a running Cuzco joke. Its the closest to Cuzco and the most important. Its vast size is staggering although only 20 percent survives after its stone work has been pillaged like a quary for use by spaniards for thier colonial homes.In 1536 a huge battle was fought before the Inca defeat. The site has an iconic zig-zag formation which represents the teeth of a puma (which Cuzco was designed in honour of.) The huge cyclopean masonary is mind blowing! Three fortified walls sorround the mountain top. Impressive!

so that was enought for one day..Poor Amy!



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