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Bromo, Never Ending Beauty

My Scholarship entry - Bromo, Never Ending Beauty

Indonesia | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 5 photos

Introduced to photography by my senior high school teacher 3 years ago, it changed my life forever. Photography allows me to see world cultures and interact with people. It brings me closer to people, even on my first encounters. Since it is hard for me to express stories in words, I share them through my photos. I cry through my photos. I laugh through my photos. I learn and influence through my photos.

Photographs are more than just freezing moments. They are frozen for distinct reasons. I freeze moments of kids having fun so viewers will transcend their same feeling of joy. I freeze history so viewers will appreciate what has happened in the past. I freeze the present so our stories can be passed down to future generations. I have a big desire to create images that are impactful, summing up thousands of words in them. I want my pictures to touch hearts and be the reasons behind every action taken for the good of the world.

To assist Jason Edwards for Nat Geo in Peru is a dream come true for me to learn and develop my passion enabling me to bring stories from remote areas of Indonesia (if not the world) to the forefront, typical of a National Geographic endeavor.

Alland D.

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