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NETHERLANDS | Friday, 15 Jun 2007 | Views [584]

I am extremely sleep deprived as I flew from Barcelona to London Tues arriving at around 5:00, slept at the London airport that night which was really impossible but had great conversations with random people, then flew all day Wed 9 hours from London ... Read more >

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New Pics

IRELAND | Wednesday, 6 Jun 2007 | Views [412]

I was able to add a few more pictures under the title Ireland although it took forever. The sad thing is a lot of my favorite pictures I had burned to a CD in Ireland and it wouldn´t let me share them. Oh well, hopefully my computer at home will let me ... Read more >

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More on Ireland

SPAIN | Monday, 4 Jun 2007 | Views [523]

I am much better today, my last night in Ireland I had slept at the airport since my flight on Sunday was at 6:30 in the morning and so I didnt get any sleep. Add that to all the other nights with limited sleep and I was a mess. Even though I was exhausted, ... Read more >

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Drinking with the Irish

IRELAND | Friday, 1 Jun 2007 | Views [505]

I am so glad I decided to come to Ireland, I love it here. The landscape is amazing. The weather has been gorgeous except for two days. I love the food, delicious soups and stews, I have missed good food. Everyone speaks English and the people are so ... Read more >

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More Adventures

SPAIN | Tuesday, 22 May 2007 | Views [502]

My haircut turned out great, I was a little worried as I told Luca to just cut off the dead ends and trim up the layers. Four inches later and piles of my hair on the floor made me freak a little. But alas all was well as I do love it even though he ... Read more >

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Good Stuff

SPAIN | Tuesday, 1 May 2007 | Views [541]

I had such a wonderful productive day today! I met my instructors for my class here and they are great. I met some students that are in the class from April as well and I will be able to hang out with them if I want to. There had been a bit of drama ... Read more >

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In Rome!

ITALY | Wednesday, 18 Apr 2007 | Views [623]

I arrived in Rome today, I have already had good experiences. After my disaster in Granada with the cab I decided I was going to take public transportation although it is sometimes complicated. I arrived at the train station where I had to take the metro ... Read more >

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SPAIN | Thursday, 12 Apr 2007 | Views [439]

Red alert, red alert, I was finally able to add a couple pics amazingly. It took like an hour to add a few pics but at least there are now a few recent ones. Photo Gallery Under Gibraltar I put the monkeys, Tarifa  pics of Mateus taken by me as I was ... Read more >

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