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Ace and Penny at Large

Just in case

USA | Monday, 1 Feb 2016 | Views [359] | Comments [1]

Just in case anyone is still reading and wondering what happened . . .    Ive been home a little more than a week now. I wasn’t getting better on the gastro-intestinal front and was starting to get a little worried. Turns out I ... Read more >

Smooth as silk

INDIA | Thursday, 21 Jan 2016 | Views [452]

  While California gets drenched with rainstorm after rainstorm (yay!), I have had a nearly rain-less time while traveling in Asia. Until yesterday.    It was misting a little when I left the hotel at around 11am to go silk scarf ... Read more >

Photos: Varanasi sights

INDIA | Sunday, 17 Jan 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Varanasi (Part 2)

INDIA | Sunday, 17 Jan 2016 | Views [546]

So now that my health has taken a dive (I still have lingering GI probs and now a cold to top it off), I am re-thinking my ambitious plans to make it all the way around the globe which I didn’t really plan out that well in the first place. I always ... Read more >

Varanasi (Part 1.5-ish)

INDIA | Friday, 15 Jan 2016 | Views [358]

Health update: slowly but surely getting back to normal and focusing mainly on that. I should probably wait until I am closer to being 100% to give my honest opinion about Varanasi. Right now, it is probably the last place in the world that I want to ... Read more >

Varanasi (part 1)

INDIA | Thursday, 14 Jan 2016 | Views [513]

So Ive got good news and bad news. Good news is I am feeling much better. Bad news is Ive spent most of my time in Varanasi so far having a bad case of nausea and diarrhea. I think by tomorrow I will be able to once again face the outside world, but ... Read more >

One full day in Delhi

INDIA | Monday, 11 Jan 2016 | Views [393]

I had one whole day in Delhi to figure out what to do with. I didn’t intend Delhi to be much more than a travel hub, so I didn’t do a heck of a lot of research on it. Trying to tackle it was not recommended, and I wasn’t tempted to.... Read more >

Photos: Touring Delhi w Deepak

INDIA | Monday, 11 Jan 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Arriving in India (Delhi)

INDIA | Monday, 11 Jan 2016 | Views [426]

On the morning of my flight to India, I realized I was sad to leave Thailand. I would miss the giggly thai people who I had come to admire a lot. I never really connected with any of them though. They seem shy, or reserved when it comes to interacting ... Read more >

Last day in SE Asia, Thailand, Bangkok, Sukhumvit

THAILAND | Sunday, 10 Jan 2016 | Views [428]

A couple weeks before I left the U.S., I had a cavity filled in one of my back teeth. My dentist said it would be sensitive for a while, which it was. But I noticed a week or two ago that it had gotten a little bit more sensitive and I suspected something ... Read more >

Dusit Zoo and Muay Thai Boxing

THAILAND | Sunday, 10 Jan 2016 | Views [426]

Im now in India! First things first, I have a little catching up on the blog to do too.   (Back in Bangkok . . .) Day before yesterday I spent the whole day in the Dusit area of the city which I liked because on the map it looks very green.... Read more >

Stuck in Sukhumvit

THAILAND | Thursday, 7 Jan 2016 | Views [408]

Last night I decided I was done with the Sukhumvit area, or more like, I decided I just can’t physically take this area any longer . . . but  I didn’t make a 'next plan' for today.    I had a vague plan of doing yoga, ... Read more >

Halong Bay Cruise

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 6 Jan 2016 | Views [344]

Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves. I took over 100 in 3 days but these are my favotite. The views were amazing. The cruise very touristy. My favorite part was the people I met (mostly German and from the UK -England and Scottland). Will write ... Read more >

A walk on the seedy side

THAILAND | Wednesday, 6 Jan 2016 | Views [420]

I felt like I needed some greenery again this morning, so I took a walk to a park which didn’t look like much of anything on the map, but turned out to be a really awesome oasis, complete with singing and chirping birds that were quite pleasant ... Read more >

New digs in Sukhumvit

THAILAND | Tuesday, 5 Jan 2016 | Views [411]

This morning I checked out of my middle-of-nowhere hotel and into a kick-ass hotel a couple miles away. Before doing so, I visited a landmark near my old digs called “Golden Mountain”. Its another temple as you might guess from the “... Read more >

Lumpini Park + odds & ends

THAILAND | Monday, 4 Jan 2016 | Views [383]

After Mandalay, it took a minute to be able to trust street food again, but now Im back (knock on wood) !  On our first day back here Penny and I ate at restauraunts, but then I remembered how good the street food was and that it is about a tenth ... Read more >

Photos: Halong Bay Cruise

VIETNAM | Sunday, 3 Jan 2016 | Photo Gallery

Halong Bay cruise
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Photos: Bangkok II

THAILAND | Sunday, 3 Jan 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Penny-less in Bangkok (Chinatown/Megamalls/Sukhimvit)

THAILAND | Saturday, 2 Jan 2016 | Views [435]

The last entry (the Happy New Year one) was written by Penny but she got a phone call halfway through from the front desk saying her taxi to the airport had arrived, so she didn’t have time to finish (hence all of my interjections and a few small ... Read more >

Happy New Year!

THAILAND | Friday, 1 Jan 2016 | Views [385] | Comments [1]

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (Ace writes) On the morning that we left Mandalay, Myanmar, Penny said, “its sad when you find yourself looking forward to airplane food.”  We never managed to break in to the Mandalay food scene. On one of ... Read more >

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