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Playful Eating | Summer Artichokes A simple Turkish dish, the way my aunt made it.

About _fiosh_

My Name is Fiona, I'm half English, Half Turkish and I'm a bit of a Turkophile, naturally.

My trips include Thailand, Turkey, Prague, Scotland and India.

My background comes from Film and Photography and I'm especially passionate about 35mm film and am keeping the torch for it by continuing to shoot with it. 

I'm a Taurus so coincidentally I love good food and drink. I'm passionate about Italian cuisine, I've gotten over my fear of creatures of the sea and scallops and softshell crab have become my favourite dishes; coriander, garlic and chilli are my three staples and I'm currently making my own liqueur with lychee a firm favourite.

My interests are travel, food, culture, people and photography. These make up my core and bring me happiness.

What makes you happy?

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