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“Zombie Tourism” 9 June 11

GREECE | Thursday, 9 June 2011 | Views [311]

Greatest Hits of the day: Sleeping until 3:00pm - Marcus & the white hot policewomen - Getting lost, meandering in the Plaka - Mastering the Metro, no strike today! - Gay Gazi.

Rollin’ out late – Remember sleeping late in your early 20’s and staying up all night with no problems? Well, at our age they call it “Jet Lag.” Still with so much going on in the late evenings in Athens, it felt fairly natural for a Zombie. We sort of knocked around the nearby Plaka district (more about the Plaka later) getting lost and looking for our brains. Athens is 10 hours ahead of Sacramento, CA which is almost directly the opposite of our body clocks.

Boys vs. Girls – Greek men are better looking than the women. Our waiter, Marcus has Hollywood fancy looks-to-die-for and he is not the only one. All of our waiters young and mature (over 40) were stunning and their jeans actually fit. As for the women; well, the lady cops in Athens are white-hot to put it mildly. I could not believe it, we saw at least three. Imagine Selina in a tight blue uniform packing heat and running down the street in pursuit of a bad guy. That’s it, jaw-dropping. I kept looking around for the movie cameras – and this was only over dinner… 

The Beeb (BBC) was wrong – There was supposed to be a transportation strike to protest the conditions in Greece today. Gladly, it didn’t happen anytime we needed a train. After dinner we chanced a trip from the Plaka area, just below the Acropolis hill, to the Gazi an artzy district once the home of the city’s gas works…

Gazi is Gay – That’s where you go to get that rainbow feeling and catch some counter-culture arts. We followed the advice of a gay Athens Internet site and found a rooftop terrace bar for girls. It had comfortable white canvas sofas with lime green and white throw pillows, very chic. Actually, we were the only girl couple there, but the crowd was very friendly and I liked the DJ’s playlist a lot. I kept drinking beer and not feeling a thing. Turns out the  “Mythos” I was drinking has an alcohol content of .5%. Near-beer, aptly named Mythos, mythological beer. Never mind, staying sober in big foreign city late at night is generally a good idea anyway, don’t ya think?

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