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yu-en-me ´a man who leaves home to mend himself and others is a philosopher, .. he who goes from country to country guided by blind impulses of curiosity is .. a vagabond.´ - oliver goldsmith

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ARGENTINA | Thursday, 26 January 2006 | Views [626]

acrobats playing at dusk, main park in el bolson

acrobats playing at dusk, main park in el bolson

it seems like the whole country has decided to visit the tiny little town of El Bolsón. true, there´re a few foreigners (yes, i´m still accosting every francophone in a frantic attempt to practise my french before i lose it forever. - hm, nice alliteration there..), but the majority here are argentines, and DAMN, there´s quite a bit of eye-candy around. i´m considering just staying here for the rest of my trip - instead of going to each town and making new friends, let´s just sit back and let the best of each city make its way to me. so far i´ve had invitations to visit people in rosario, santa fe, perito moreno... at this rate, i´ll never have to pay for accomodation again!

aimless chatter today, since i had an absolutely glorious day, chatting to people, eating yummy fair food, and generally being happy.

sunday is chinese new year, and today is australia day - 2 very special dates for me so i thought i´d send my warmest wishes to you all online. the former is important because, well, the traditional celebratory dishes are great (remember to think of me SF when you´re lou-ing..), and the latter is great because i almost always spend it lolling around in the melbourne heat, reading a book, lazing in cafes, and enjoying doing nothing. which is exactly what i did today, and i loved it.

i´ve scored myself <the exorcist> in english, and the writing in it is absolutely shocking. a pain in the bum since i´m finding certain parts interesting, and i have to force myself to wade through the B.S. just to get the good bits. (anyone read a book by dan brown, something about a da vinci code?) here´s a couple of examples so you can share my pain:
´Something... something was horribly wrong. like light from a room leaking under the door, a glow of dread seeped into the darkened hall of her mind.´

´..he hesitated, then entered almost flinching backward at the pungent stench of moldering excrement that hit him in the face like a palpable blast.´

speaking of pain: sincerest thanks to all those who wrote get-well-emails - very much appreciated, and definitely helped lift me from the abyss of misery that i was in. (the worst thing about bad writing is that it´s contagious..)

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