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yu-en-me ´a man who leaves home to mend himself and others is a philosopher, .. he who goes from country to country guided by blind impulses of curiosity is .. a vagabond.´ - oliver goldsmith

just so you know that this is more than just fun and games...

ARGENTINA | Friday, 24 March 2006 | Views [728]

and that i actually *am* learning things, let´s start this email with an interactive quiz. (or if you don´t like quizzes, skip to the ´regular´ (ha!) email following the answers.)

QUESTIONS: 1) true or false? - the south american andes were formed when 2 of Earth´s plates collided and mutually pushed each other up.

2) was tyrannousaurus rex a carnivore?

3) true or false? - the name ´patagonia´ comes from the large footprints that white people found when they arrived in the south, and means ´land of the big-foot´.

4) are there more fossil discoveries of herbivorous dinosaurs or carnivorous?

5) when it´s raining and your raincoat´s wet, is it best to bring it inside your tent, or hang it outside?

ANSWERS: 1) false. yes, the pacific and atlantic plates collided, but only the former was pushed up while the atlantic plate slid under. the himalayas, on the other hand, is the result of a collision where both plates went up.

2) yes, but not in the commercialised sense of a hunting predator; t-rex is believed by paleontologists to be a scavenger.

3) true, so the legend goes.

4) the large majority come from herbivorous dinosaurs, but there are various theories on why. one museum curator told me that possibly the diet affected the bone composition, but i´m more of the opinion that herbivores greatly outnumber(ed) the carnivores, and so it makes statistical sense that we´d find more of them. plus, (and this is based on current-day fauna,) almost all herbivores are group/herd-animals as compared to the few carnivorous species that hunt in packs, so once you find remains of one herbivore, you´re bound to find more in the same region.

5) trick question. if you hang it outside, it´ll get wet in the rain (duh). if you bring it inside, the evaporation will make the tent humid and it won´t dry completely. the trick is to leave it outside, but *under* the tent´s fly, so that the moisture can escape, while you stay dry inside the tent itself.

AND ON TO MY USUAL RAMBLING: after 4 months of camping in relative peace and natural beauty, it was a little disconcerting to be back in buenos aires. despite not being a huge fan of cities however, i´m thoroughly enjoying what this place has to offer in terms of cultural activities: theatres, museums, art galleries, fairs, and plenty of plazas and gardens to pause, chill out, and breathe in the polluted city air... no, seriously, i *do* like this city, and only occasionally feel claustrophobic. if only residents would clean up after their dogs..

you gotta love the way foreign languages are used to lend an exotic air to shops. in sarmiento, there was a nightclub called ´kiss-me club´, and in trevelin, a restaurant simply called ´eat´. here, there´s a takeaway establishment grandiously named ´the palace of the fried potato´.

i went to a Dali exhibition today, and there was section restricted to people over 16 years of age due to sexual references (a few modest nudes).. surprising since almost every magazine stand you pass here has porn magazines and dvds entitled ´titty fun´ or ´anal party´ on display.

i was taking a break, reading in a garden the other day, and stopped to observe a long trail of ants hard at work transporting bits of dried leaf litter to their nest. then i saw a wee one struggling with a 2cm-long leaf *that was still green*. i felt so sorry for him - the poor little bugger was going to make the 2-metre trek back to the ant-hole, only to have the others laugh at him: ´you´re meant to bring home *dried* leaves, you dickhead!

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