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The joys of coming home - Dec 2011

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 12 January 2012 | Views [554]

OK…so a journal you say for this Dec KPI business!!! Hmmm!!! A little odd I thought at first. While I do see the whole point about people getting to know you a bit better I was still a little…well....reserved about the whole process.

The thing is that I am no Bridget Jones! In fact, the very thought of a journal strikes a certain fear in me that stems right back to my primary school years (yes…a very long time).  I remember when we used to family holidays my mother would make us keep a journal and I absolutely loathed having to sit down and write about the daily events on any of the school holiday trips we took. And when I did the big 2+ year trip overseas ( you know, the work/travel thing) after Uni, I am very proud to say that I did the travel journal thing for a good three months before finally giving up. I thought that was an extraordinary effort for me considering I didn’t have my mother nagging me to do it. I guess it is understandable now that I am not on Facebook or Twitter and have absolutely no intention of ever starting a Blog.

So anyway, a little background there before I start just in case I need excuses for my banter!

Week 1

Just found out about this months KPI and yay…I’m on the journal directorship!!

It is now 3 days before packing up my life in Wellington NZ and moving back ‘home’. After years of telling people back ‘home’ that I am coming home ‘soon’, it has finally happened and of course this comes at a time when I finally feel settled here (after being here for just over 6 years). Isn’t that just typical!

Still, I won’t be missing the constant wind, 10 month long winters and …hmm..let me see , having to duck for cover or change my accent every time Rugby is mentioned which is about once every 2 seconds over here (if only the Wallabies had a better coach ,eh?)!

Week 2

Fastforward to arriving in Australia, the last days before leaving Wellington were positively hectic and saying goodbyes was hard but upon arriving in Sydney, just the blast of hot air when walking out the front door of the terminal made it all worthwhile…I so missed the heat that an Aussie summer brings! The top temperature I experienced in NZ in 6 years was about 25 degrees and reported as a ‘scorcher’ by the local radio stations! Hilarious!

So now the education begins for my Kiwi husband and children! After 4 days staying in Scone with my parents, my 5 year old displayed all the (mild) symptoms of heat stroke.  Oh dear I thought…not a good start to this move however, kids being kids and generally more stoic than us adults, he got over it (and 3 weeks on happily plays in 30+ heat and complains of being cold when the air con is turned on for the really hot days).

Then of course there are the bugs, spiders, snakes etc to deal with. Big education lesson there! New Zealand has no snakes. Apparently there are also no poisonous spiders but I am yet to be convinced of that. I found a few that looked remarkably similar to the funnel web and then of course they also have the infamous and huge bird spider over there  (not that I found one of those thank god!).

My husband (a kiwi through and through) continues to tell anyone who will listen that everything kills you in Australia…snakes, spiders, jellyfish , rockfish (potentially wives at times!!!) and of course sharks. Being a scuba diver, he has now given that recreational activity up in fear which I am thinking may be a good thing considering that there does seem to be quite a lot of those there sharks around lately!!! And the look on his face when he is made aware of the big Huntsman spider comfortably and calmly sitting above his head in the lounge room is priceless!

Week 3

Christmas…tick! New Year…tick! Find a house to live in….no tick!

Oh my goodness what a hassle! Anybody got a house to rent on the Central Coast? What a terrible time of year to be looking for a house…or maybe it is just like this all the time! Renting a house over here requires you to sell your soul ...or totally expose it atleast as the information they require when applying is astounding. Oh my, it was so simple in little old New Zealand. Am crossing fingers , toes and everything in between that we get something soon as getting a little desperate now.

That’s it for me. Looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better on my weekly visits to the office when I finally find a home!!!.

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