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the 3-months-crisis

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 19 May 2008 | Views [1148] | Comments [1]

it is true, it does exist: the fullblown crisis after 3 months. i had it in ireland, but i hoped i could survive new zealand without it. apparently not. my mood right now:

everything sucks.

it actually is nothing in particular, i just notice that i start missing more and more things here, and the constant thinking about it doesn't allow me to enjoy what makes my time here great. i met so many nice and interesting and fun people here and i so feel i do them wrong by wanting to leave. this feeling of guilt doesn't make it any better.

everytime i pick up my pen to take notes in class (if i go at all) i ask myself for what or whom i am doing all this actually. i don't have an answer, do i really wanna become a teacher? why don't i just drop everything and study art? why do i need to know about the prisoner's dilemma and what it has to do with the cold war, and why the hell did the ancient mariner shoot the albatross?! i want to live in a chivalric romance like gwenivere and launcelot instead of this cold and damp house without central heating and the water running down on every window. inside.

i want to wake up and have breakfast without having to put on 3 layers of cloths first. i want to taste real bread again. senseo coffee. i want to go to uni with people my age, not students that are younger than my own sister. i want to buy a soy latte without worrying that my account balance will have a minus in front of the numbers at the end of the month. i want to ride a bycicle again.  i want want want. 

i shouldn't be so ungrateful. i have the privilege to study at the end of the world, in a country that has beaches, mountains, sheep, cattle, glaciers, lakes, friendly people, ....... and still. i can't help it. right now, i feel locked up in a life that just doesn't feel right for me anymore. what i want instead? i can't tell. 

i guess i just have to go on and see what happens. maybe, if i wake up tomorrow, the sun will be shining and everything will feel right again and make sense somehow. maybe. i hope.

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That's strange. I've heard of this phenomenon before, I actually just read a blog about it (http://realtravel.com/geneva-journals-j6966152.html) but it's definitely not happened to me at all. I could stay in Germany forever... probably because Germany is so much better than the USA. But you know, you probably are right to miss Freiburg. It really is a special place.

You should buy a cheap bike... New Zealand doesn't have bread?

If it makes you feel any better, it was pissing rain yesterday in Freiburg. And freezing. And today it's overcast, so we're really not much better off than ya'll.

Anyway, according to the "Study Abroad U-Curve Theory" you'll experience a reverse culture shock when you arrive back in Germany and remember all that you missed in New Zealand. So look forward to THAT.

  Liam May 20, 2008 1:52 AM

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