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Simply Me...

Simply Me...

I’m Male, 23 years of age. As of now, I’m here in Tokyo, Japan. To explore the places and enjoy its sceneries. I’m a type of person who use to explore thing beyond my control…’Cause I do really believe that life is a constant challenge and full of surprises…You just need to prepare yourself for whatever possibilities may come in your way…Other than that, I’m such an open-minded person…Asking why?….Well better saw my works, ’cause everything is there that best describes the real me!… I happened to learn my artistic skills from my brother way back when I was a child. As I remember I was 7 years old then, when I started to paint and from then on I joined a lot of competitions which proves my capacity in the field of artworks though I didn’t won at all times… I happened to developed my skills in painting such posters, cards, portraits even until right now….But what’s new in me as of this present age I got a lot of knowledge already in Graphics Designing, Digital Pictures Editing, Web Page Designing and a lot more things that basically deals with creative thinking…c”,)

The assets of every individual that could not be stolen by any body else is there talents, skills & education…Everyone of us has our own talents and skills that we continue to hone it as we go along through our individual journey. Upon that journey we happened to meet different types of people who has different perceptions in life.. Because of that we can conclude that ” No Man is an Island…”…Each of us needs the help and protection of our fellow individuals for us to survive… In my journey, before I reach this age and learn a lot of things, I happened to encounter criticisms, problems & trials which makes me more stronger to fight and win the battle of life…cause I do believe that life is a game that each of us is entitled to be the Master of our own destiny. Well, in each competitions that I joined I just think that it is not a competition it was just a showcase of every individual abilities…whether I win or not though it really hurts, I just thank God for giving me a chance to show and let other people know that I have this type of talent…Know why?…cause not everyone of us has the ability to paint an object that will serve as there subject…One of the motivation factor that serves as my inspiration in this talent of mine is my Family, friends, and loved ones…They are all the best thing in me…I may not become a successful artist in my chosen field but at least I let the whole world know that “I claim my self as one of the artist who dream to be famous in my simple artworks”…

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