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Lessons Learned: 'Murica

USA | Tuesday, 24 Nov 2015 | Views [375]

Well, I never wrote a closing entry to my trip. I suppose in some ways writing this meant I had to face that it was really over! During my last few days in New Zealand, I met some wonderful people, including Mani, who runs Intersex Awareness New Zealand.... Read more >

Tags: art, auckland, museums, new zealand, united states of america, wellington, xenophobia

The act of living, finding meaning, and expressing emotions is art.

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 9 Nov 2015 | Views [474]

Saturday was pretty fucking wonderful. I was having one of the best pots of tea in my life, eating breakfast with a perfect view of the waterfront, when my dad sent me a video of Hanson saying hello to me and telling me to visit some hobbits for them.... Read more >

Tags: art, kiwi, new zealand, photography, romance, tea, wellington, zoo

One of the most amazing days I've ever had

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 7 Nov 2015 | Views [325]

My second day during Wellington's springtime was more like a winter day: cold, shitty, windy, rainy. I spent the morning in bed, not very motivated to leave. Eventually, I piled the contents of my wallet and phone in a waterproof pouch under John's ... Read more >

Tags: new zealand, wellington

Windy welly, will you weddy me? (Part 1)

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 5 Nov 2015 | Views [370]

I don't even know where to start. This has truly been one of the most amazing days of my life. But I guess I should start before today, with yesterday, which will be part 1. (Read that last sentence in a Winnie the Pooh voice). I had smooth bus ride ... Read more >

Tags: books, ha noi, libraries, new zealand, wellington

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