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Applying for International Experience Canada

CANADA | Wednesday, 15 June 2016 | Views [311] | Comments [4]

If you hadn't already noticed, it is a huge passion of mine to share my experiences in the hope to inspire YOU (yes YOU).

Working in Canada sounds exciting right? Read on.....

I am writing this blog on Wednesday 15th May (NZ time) as it was today that I have been approved for the International Experience Canada (14th June Canadian time). I hope to share with you information which I hope will be useful when applying or thinking about applying for yours!

It is always daunting to start a new visa process when the government websites are not so easy to navigate around, never mind the fact that the CIC is not fully compatible with smart phones! Very frustrating!

For 2016 the application process for International Experience Canada has become easier. Previously, to get a Canadian work visa, it was on a first come first served basis, very similar to when you want tickets to Glastonbury Festival.... In 9 mins they had all gone!! Now, you fill out some basic details online to see if you are eligible and if you are, you then go into a pool of people and wait to be invited to apply.

International Experience Canada (IEC) provides young individuals the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. For British Citizens this is 18-30 but you have until your 31st birthday to apply!!

I completed my online profile back at the beginning of February and waited, and waited (My partner is French and he was invited just 3 days after completing his online profile. A Japanese friend was also invited the same day as applying). Finally on 30th April I was invited to apply for the IEC. All countries have a different quota, opening dates and deadlines to apply. Be sure to check. My focus in this post is for British Citizens.

Where to apply?

The first step is to determine your eligibility http://www.cic.gc.ca/ctc-vac/cometocanada.asp
If you are eligible, you then can complete and submit your IEC profile online.
You will then be put into a IEC pool and CIC will have rounds of invitations where they will invite candidates from the pool(s) to apply. Completing an online IEC profile and entering the pool does not guarantee that you will get an invitation to apply for a work permit. I was in the pool for almost 3 months. Some candidates may not receive an invitation to apply before the season ends. The applications opened for 2016 for British Citizens on 16th December 2015 and are still open!
Rounds of Invitations
You can check the schedule for the 2016 season here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/iec/selections.asp
If you get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) you have just 10 days to click “start application” and then 20 days after you click start to complete your work permit application. If you do not have all of your required documents ready, DO NOT click start. Use the time to gather what you need, and then make sure you click start within the 10 days.
What will need once you have been invited?
  • an up to date CV
  • 10 years of employment history with no gaps (entered into the online application)
  • a scanned copy of a passport sized photograph
  • a scanned copy of your passport
  • print out a 'family history form' fill it in and scan back in
  • police checks from all countries where you have lived for more than 6 months
Police checks
To obtain a UK police certificate you must apply online at www.acro.police.uk
To obtain an Australian a national police check you must apply online at www.afp.gov.au
The NZ police check was the trickest. On the CIC website it suggested that I complete a consent to disclosure of information form. This is not the correct form for IEC applicants and you must scroll down to 'special notes and considerations' to see this. For NZ you must print out the form ' Request your own criminal conviction history' fill it in, scan it and then send along with a scanned copy of your passport or NZ Drivers License to [email protected]
Medical exams 
Do not undergo exams until you are asked. The medical exams are around $400 NZ and not everyone requires it. I had been researching into having an examination ahead of time and I am very happy I did not do it because I have not been asked to have one And my application has been approved.
I hope this answers some of your questions.
Peace and Love
Zoe xx


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Hii, my name is Rebecca Abe and I have just applied to become a candidate for the IEC I just want to know if it's too early for me to apply for the 2017

  Rebecca Aug 2, 2016 10:33 PM


Hey i want to ask after you applied for work permit when did you receive the approval?

  Candi IEC Oct 22, 2016 7:37 PM


How do I respond to other people's comments on my posts?

  wanderandshare Oct 23, 2016 7:59 PM


I'm not sure if you girls can read my response here. Do let me know if you can.
Yes, I think it is too early for 2017 Rebecca, I think that it opens around December time to submit your interest.
Candi, I waited around 3 months to receive letter of approval!!

  wanderandshare Oct 23, 2016 8:02 PM

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