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Pommie Travels the World Victoria is a blogger who has been travelling the world solo since 2008.

About vantastic_sa

A 22 year old Pom from Manchester who left rainy England on a quest for warmth.

After spending 3 years at university studying Broadcast Journalism and having to wear a hat, gloves, two pairs of pants, three t-shirts and a sweater indoors, I decided it was time to get out of the UK and explore the world.

I've been travelling the world and living in Bali for the last 6 months working independently in video editing, online marketing and travel writing, and I also publish a successful travel blog Pommie Travels

I am going to be reunited with my Ozzie friend Trent who I met half way across the world in the booze fuelled backpacker town of Lagos, Portugal. A town where people almost never leave!

This road trip is going to be epic, you won't even be able to imagine what we have in store for you!

What do I stand for? I'm a yes person. I travel an awful lot and you don't quite know where I'll be popping up next.

Life is pointless, so I'm making a point of living as much as possible, taking risks, living on the edge and saying "Why not?". Meeting people, seeing the world, learning lessons and doing as many crazy new things as I possibly can. Reach dizzy heights, become a rock star, spend all my money, make a comeback and retire in a pool of Jager. Or something along those lines...

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