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Sydney a dusk

Sydney a dusk

I am a Father and a débutante. My interested include: art in many forms both as a participant and as an observer; my work as an electrician, plumber, welder, gas fitter, refrigeration mechanic and business owner; archery (I've won some metals); photography (I'm a sniper); geology (i collect rocks); zoology (I have a bug collection too); I play guitar and sing well (I think); i volunteer for Sydney Wildlife as a snake catcher and for harmed or distressed animals. The last hobby came about by accident really; a snake got into our pool and I caught it! Next thing I know I'm in a class being taught how to do it properly... Many new birds I've gotten to see up close, along with some turtles, some lizards, an Ekidna, a possom and a Gauna (rather large, strong as hell lizard that bites and claws).

I live somewhat of a rich life: two awesome healthy kids, a gorgeous wife and no snow! As a Canadian imigraded to Australia I can tell you that I am being spoiled not having to deal with snow... ever. Not to mention the ZOO: four loud birds, two dogs and some fish! I am truly blessed...

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