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My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Thailand | Monday, October 18, 2010 | 5 photos

My 5 photos were taken in September 2010 at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, where I volunteered for a week. The Park is a conservation project with the aim of saving the Asian elephant from extinction, providing a rescue centre and sanctuary for abused elephants and other animals, and extending free medical care for elephants involved in tourism and logging activities. I was very moved by Lek, the founder of the Park, and her indefatigable commitment to the Asian elephant, and by the optimism and dedication of the Park’s employees and mahoots. However, most inspiring were the animals themselves, most of who had been rescued from atrocious conditions and grievous abuse, and bore the physical scars of their previous lives. These animals had no reason to trust humans, yet the majority of them were very friendly and playful. As usual, I was astounded by the spirited nature of animals. I hope my photos reflect how much vital work the Park is doing, and how conducive the environment is for the animals that reside there.

My fascination with photography began when I was very young, watching my dad with his camera. I love how a good photograph can transport you to where it was taken, give you a sense of time and place, and communicate a story usually more powerfully than words. Photography makes me extremely happy and is the perfect accompaniment to my insatiable wanderlust. I would love to work as a professional photographer, but for now I hope to become good enough to volunteer as a photographer with non-profit organisations and provide photos for their marketing and websites. Winning this photography scholarship would be tantamount to a dream come true; I know my skills would develop by leaps and bounds just being around Jason and watching him work.