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A Walk In The Garden

About tiana_reimann

Hey guys! I am Tiana Reimann 18 years old and I absolutely love my photography!

After living in Papua New Guinea for my whole life, I have come to realise the abundance of unique creatures that I could snap. A few things I enjoy taking pictures of are nudibranchs, sea life, insects, spiders and occasionally I will do event photography. 

At times when I feel like going swimming I will always bring my Olympus EPM1 and underwater case along. I love to nudi hunt. This is also known as nudibranch hunting. I don't have to go far to find some of the most intriguing types, only to our neighbours jetty where the nudi's love to hang around on the poles. Sometimes I could find 4 different species each time I go. It still astounds me to find such an abundance right at my doorstep!

My other favourite subjects to capture are insects and spiders and there is no better place to find it than in my tropical backyard in PNG. I can find a new species each time I go into the yard and at one stage I spend 4 hours straight looking for critters! After doing this for so long, I did get malaria from staying so still while taking pictures of spiders and bugs. 

I have been to many other places in the world and photography has been an important part in capturing those moments. 

During this technological age, teenagers are becoming more consumed. In PNG we had the best childhood playing outdoors with friends. After spending time at boarding school I have come to learn teenager’s value technology more than getting outdoors. I want to change that through my photography. By showing how easy it is to find such unique creatures in a mere backyard it will allow everyone to participate! After creating a Facebook page to share my photography, I have had many comments of how it has inspired them to appreciate the little critters and get outdoors. This is the change I strive to achieve on a world-wide scale. 

My ultimate dream is to become a NatGeo photographer or become like Steve Parish. I believe I can in the near future and any feedback would be great if you get the chance to visit my page below. 

To view more of my nature photography please visit my Facebook page: