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Serbian date #1: A Norwegian, you say?

SERBIA | Wednesday, 18 June 2014 | Views [404]

I decided to be “wild and adventurous” and go on a couple dates. Well, I didn’t actually decide this – it just so happened that poor helpless young chaps took attention to me and I agreed to occupy their attention.

I’m walking back home from my daily semi-Olympic swim session. These swimming sessions usually result with every lap swam, there is a 20 minute floating pause. This pause usually causes me to reflect on life, while everyone else in the pool is making out and preforming underwater hand jobs. My privileged helplessness brings out a moment of  fear due to the bacteria infestation in the pool which motivates me to swim another lap in order to leave faster.

I’m making my way home, as a tall blonde man walks past me, handing me his hand to “give him five”. I find this incredibly lame, but due to my Canadian hospitably I return his gesture with my palm and five fingers. It’s thirty degrees outside, he’s wearing a deep v-neck t-shirt underneath a navy blue sports jacket, with a pair of brown loafers. I judge him, but he’s going on saying that he likes my legs, and finds me to be a sporty girl. He’s very observant. He continues talking,  saying that he enjoys tea which I feel was his bridge into the big question. He asks me out, and as I’m staring as his side-combed hair I willfully agree.

The next day I receive a text from this Norwegian man. He wants to meet for tea. I decide to go. The conversation was surprisingly entertaining and however I learn that he is here for vacation and leaves in a couple days. Aha. It all comes together now. I am his lay. His bang before departure. I quickly figure this out prior to him kissing me, but my strategic thinking is too slow. I’m not good in these situations. Though I know that I don’t have to kiss anyone I don’t want to, I’m fearful of the awkwardness after the rejection. So instead I do what everyone high school girl does – make up an excuse to leave, and then leave. I’m pretty content at this point, as I feel that I took the situation into my own hands. But my mistake was that I didn’t provide closure. I left it open. “Oh I have to go, something came up” does not mean “I don’t want to see you again” – fuck sakes.

And of course, the date didn’t end there. Oh no, oh no. I receive texts, calls – daily. I thought, well, no worries, he’s leaving, onto the next. And as a child, I ignore or provide countless excuses to not attend any of his meetings. But the day has come, he is gone.

And then the second date came…

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