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A home and a workplace, George Town, Penang Once a British colonial trading settlement, George Town, Penang was a bustling place for traders, craftsmen and hardworking people. With the world heritage title awarded by UNESCO, George Town is rapidly turning into a tourist town.

A home and a workplace | Traditional bamboo and rattan craftman

Malaysia | Sunday, 23 November 2014 | 5 photos

Though trained professionally as a mechanical engineer, I am always an artist at heart. I am strongly passionate about creating beautiful, meaningful and impactful images that could inspire people. 4 years working as an field engineer from projects to projects of power plants all around the world has gave me the opportunity to travel to many non-touristy places and to learn new things about this world. This experience has sparked off my passion for photography because i feel the urge to document my traveling experience and share with people who might not have the chance to be there. I truly believe the are many interesting stories can be told even at the most remote town on earth. Since then, learning about the new place and creating meaningful and impactful images has become the main objective of my traveling. In 2011, in order to pave way for my dream as professional travel photographer, I decided to quit my engineering profession and went back to my hometown in Penang to start up a photography themed cafe +backpackers' guesthouse. While hosting travelers from all over the world and listen to their stories, i pick up freelance photography job from time to time in order to gain more experience and to enhance my skill. I hope this scholarship and mentorship from Jason Edwards could provide me a steep learning curve experience and to open my eyesight of the world of professional photography, and of course, to allow me to capture the "Amazingness" of the Peruvian Amazon.
I am ready to work the hardest to be there.

About theforgottenbambooandrattantrade

Mr. Soon, 67 years old, a traditional craftman in George Town, Penang, worked his entire life as a weaver of bamboo and rattan trades. Comes with skillful hands and trained by parents since young, for more than 50 years, he carried this trade as his life and soul till to date. Seen in the picture, is a seemingly blunt triangular knife that cuts nothing but the bamboo, it was passed down by his late parents and it is more than a century old.

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