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The Big Trip. Stephen, Laura, James and Sinead head for an epic adventure: 17 weeks in South America 8 weeks in New Zealand 2 weeks in Fiji 11 weeks in Australia 14 weeks in South East Asia.

Final Destination: Thai Islands

THAILAND | Monday, 26 Apr 2010 | Views [1892]

The South of Thailand is our last destination of our trip. With three weeks until it came time to return to the real world and cold rainy Ireland where better to finish up than on the tropical Islands of Thailand. Koh Samui was our first stop after ... Read more >

Tags: bangkok, kho phangan, koh phi phi, koh samui, phuket, thai new year, thailand

Photos: Thailand.. Islands!!

THAILAND | Monday, 26 Apr 2010 | Photo Gallery

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CAMBODIA | Monday, 12 Apr 2010 | Views [1637]

After our relatively short bus journey (at this stage an 8 hour bus journey is short) from Saigon and an easy hop across the boarder we arrived in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. When we stepped off the bus outside the central market the first ... Read more >

Tags: angkor temples, cambodia, killing fields

The Vietnam adventure continued...!

VIETNAM | Monday, 22 Mar 2010 | Views [4308]

Hoi An was our next stop. Hoi An is well known as the place in Vietnam for tailor made clothes and suits as well as silks. Hoi An is also a UNESCO world heritage town. The old town along the river is a maze of tiny streets with lovely little old French ... Read more >

Tags: chi chi tunnels, hoi an, nha trang, saigon

Crazy Vietnam... part 1

VIETNAM | Sunday, 14 Mar 2010 | Views [4492] | Comments [1]

We arrived in Hanoi on new years eve (the Chinese new year) otherwise known as Tet in Vietnam. This is the biggest holiday of the year for Vietnamese people, for most the only holiday of the year. After we got to our hostel we headed into the city ... Read more >

Tags: hanoi, hue, nimh binn, tan coc

Photos: Vietnam

VIETNAM | Sunday, 14 Mar 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Its all just fab-Laos..!!

LAOS | Sunday, 21 Feb 2010 | Views [2091]

So we made it to Laos alive. I have to say that I have a slight fear of flying but after that journey I am now a true believer in the fact that your far more likely to be killed on the road than on a plane… esp. on the roads around here. Its all part ... Read more >

Tags: luang prabang, tubing, vientaine, waterfalls

Photos: Laos

LAOS | Friday, 19 Feb 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Thailand Part 1, treking, elephants, tigers and more

THAILAND | Saturday, 13 Feb 2010 | Views [2470]

After four days on the paradise Island of Boracay it was time pack our bags and move on once again. So after a trike, ferry, minibus, plane, another plane and a taxi and about 18 hours of travelling we finally arrived in Bangkok and at 2am we crawled ... Read more >

Tags: chang mai, elephant park, thailand, tiger kingdom, treking

Photos: Thailand... part 1

THAILAND | Saturday, 13 Feb 2010 | Photo Gallery

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PHILIPPINES | Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010 | Views [2164]

After Borneo the original plan for South East Asia went out the window altogether. We decided to head to the Philippines. Flights were not expensive so we thought why not. From Borneo we flew into Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Manila is ... Read more >

Tags: boracay, donsol, phillipines, swimming with whale sharks

Photos: The Philippines

PHILIPPINES | Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Singapore and Malaysia: South East Asia Part 1..

MALAYSIA | Monday, 25 Jan 2010 | Views [1355]

From Sydney we flew into Singapore, our first stop on the South East Asia leg of our RTW trip. Singapore was a nice place to start our trip as it meant we would be easing our way into the Asian culture. Although it is in Asia, Singapore is pretty westernised.... Read more >

Tags: borneo, jungle, malaysia, monkeys, orangutans, singapore

The Oz Adventure

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 18 Jan 2010 | Views [844]

We have been a little lazy the last while and haven’t been keeping the blog up to date. So to make it short and sweet here are the highlights of our (Stephen and Laura‘s) 10 weeks travelling the East coast of Australia. After our two amazing weeks ... Read more >

Tags: australia, east coast

Photos: Australia: Part1

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 17 Dec 2009 | Photo Gallery

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FIJI | Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009 | Views [1938]

There are a few things it doesn’t take long to notice about Fiji… not only is it beautiful, hot and sunny but  its got a lot  of very gay men (and I mean very gay), its completely normal for men to wear skirts and the people are without a doubt the ... Read more >

Gallery: Fiji

FIJI | Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Sweet as....! South Island N.Z

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 5 Oct 2009 | Views [2254]

(Sweet as is a phrase we hear every where in N.Z, every one says it and it means, cool, great, excellent sometimes it means yes or thanks or your welcome etc. ) New Zealand is all it’s cracked up to be! Amazing scenery and non stop adventure…! The ... Read more >

Tags: glacier, heli hiking, kayaking, milford sound, south island, whale watching

Gallery: South Island, New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 5 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Kayaking Able Tasmin National Park and heli hike on Franz Josef Glacier... South Island N.Z

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 20 Sep 2009 | Photo Gallery

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