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On August 25th, I will travel to XiaMen China. We'll be flying out of Tampa, to Newark, to Hong Kong, and finally to XiaMen. There I will be taking 4 classes (one being 3rd year mandarin), others on different aspects of Chinese culture. I have so many expectations and ideals about China... but I know I should always keep an open mind. I hope to keep this blog updated as much as possible- but that could be a challenge with all the school work and exploring I want to do. And hopefully this site allows me to upload videos.. we'll see.

Clearly, I am blonde. (And no "blonde" is not spelled incorrectly, it is used in french to specify that I am a woman, simply put.) Typically- the people living in China have dark hair, dark eyes, and fair skin. I have been told that I will stand out in the crowds, because of my blond hair. And, since I live in Florida, being blond is not particularly uncommon. I am excited to explore a world that is completely different from my own- I also hope to continue learning mandarin so that one day I am fluent.

Though my major is in International Business and Marketing- East Asian Studies has interested me a great deal. The language reflects the intricacy of the culture that produced it. And from the small about of literature I have read from Chinese authors, I have become enlightened to Chinese traditions and society. While I am there, I hope to gain even more knowledge and understanding about the vast and magnificent culture of China.

Thank you so much for your interest in my blog. I hope you enjoy the (probably too many) pictures that I post as well as the stories I tell.

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