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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Thailand | Monday, 7 November 2011 | 5 photos

My photos that I submitted were when I visited a pre-school along the relatively hostile Thai/Cambodian border with a friend in recent times to video and photograph the refugee orphans. We visited a few schools around there and the kids were very playful and I managed to get a lot of photos that take the breath away in terms of depicting their living conditions as well as showing my photographic abilities. Many of the children have no where else to go and don't even exist on paper as they don't have any nationality, yet their gratefulness and playful nature showed through every time we gave them the slightest attention.
It was a roughly planned trip that we set out on one weekend as we had heard about these two gentlemen that had poured their life savings in order to provide the children with somewhat of a future. We felt that we could show the world through media how it really was for them.
I would honoured to be mentored by Jason and the National Geographic on South Africa as I have yet to visit that part of the world and wildlife is something I have always looked forward to photographing. I already love roughing it out when I travel to different parts of the globe, and getting down and dirty to get that amazing shot would simply be a dream come true.
My photography skills are self-taught so to have someone mentor this sponge-of-a-brain along the way sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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