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Quiet Bush Camping By The Sea

My Scholarship entry - Quiet Bush Camping By The Sea

Australia | Sunday, 16 November 2014 | 5 photos

Every now and then, I enjoy getting out in nature, seeing new places, meeting new people, exploring, and capturing these moments through a photograph. Unlike most people I meet, I can spend hours in one spot, photographing - looking at every angle, waiting for the right moment - when i have the time of course! I hate being rushed! I love finding and appreciating the little things that most people just rush past and never slow or stop to notice. Too many people are always in a rush, so they miss all the small beautiful things and appreciate little, which I believe many a miserable and have little care for anything. When you learn to stop, look closely, find beauty in the smallest things, even the scary things, only then can you be truly calm, humbled, appreciative of what you have and how we are all joined to this earth, and seek to protect, which leads to love, calm, and true fulfillment in the heart and soul.

I'm a long term amateur, I'd love to be more one day. I have basic experience & knowledge, experiment with angles and manual settings, but am nowhere near perfect. I'd love to learn more, out in the field, with a mentor. Travel photography and nature photography is something I've wished to do. I'd love to one day take photos worthy of Getty and National Geographic, so would love a mentor help me improve, and learn how to make the switch from long term amateur to a professional. Jason would be just the mentor to help me make that switch, as he does the sorts of photography and trips like these, that I can only ever dream of doing.

I'm good at listening, following instructions, taking advice, doing my own thing, going with the flow in any situation, seeing things with different eyes.

Even if I don’t win - lets face it - there is a lot of tough, talented competition out there for this... it would still be great to have my work critiqued by such an amazing professional who does the sort of photography that I can only aspire to and dream of doing one day.

There is so much natural beauty in the world that is sadly being destroyed way too quickly in this modern world. I would like to help capture some of this beauty, to show the world, before it disappears, so hopefully it will help to encourage good habits, respect, and a great reduction in mindless destruction of the natural world and traditional lifestyles, and a desire to seek out and learn to understand nature, new worlds and cultures. Hopefully it would bring out this desire to help protect the natural world and ancient cultures too... but one step at a time!

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