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Winging it “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” - Martin Buber, Philosopher

Trip: Europe 2011

There are [23] stories from my trip: Europe 2011

Photos: Turkey

TURKEY | Friday, 18 Feb 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Troy/Gallipoli

TURKEY | Wednesday, 16 Feb 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Barcelona

SPAIN | Sunday, 13 Feb 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Fez

MOROCCO | Wednesday, 9 Feb 2011 | Photo Gallery

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MOROCCO | Tuesday, 8 Feb 2011 | Views [760]

Casablanca We had generated a high level of excitement prior to landing in Morocco as we were getting back on track however it was now my turn to feel seedy. Despite this, we decided to head out on the train to see the city and happily I made it ... Read more >

Photos: Marrakesh

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 6 Feb 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Mountauban

FRANCE | Thursday, 3 Feb 2011 | Photo Gallery

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AUSTRALIA | Monday, 31 Jan 2011 | Views [628]

We now start the planned segment of the holiday where both Paige and I are supposed to leave England and travel by train to Paris. Seeing as I couldnt enter the UK, my last 4 weeks have been a very fantastic 'plan B' roaming over Europe instead (tough ... Read more >

Photos: Paris

FRANCE | Saturday, 29 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Brugge

BELGIUM | Thursday, 27 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Antwerpen

BELGIUM | Wednesday, 26 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

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AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011 | Views [657]

Antwerp Why is it that I have never tried Waffles? Maybe I have but they have never tasted so mouthwateringly delicious! Warm, light doughy texture with a delicate honey glaze melting on the tongue, this is truly a taste sensation! What a welcome to ... Read more >

Photos: Amsterdam

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 23 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

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NETHERLANDS | Sunday, 23 Jan 2011 | Views [893]

And so begins another assault on my liver! Paige and I meet at the train station in Amsterdam in the afternoon, although this in itself was almost a happy co-incidence. Paige was due to arrive earlier that day and after a 4am wake up, she was really ... Read more >

Berlin: she may be poor...but she's sexy

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 21 Jan 2011 | Views [785]

As soon as I arrived, I knew I would be spending much more time here. How easy is it to fall in love with this city with it's glorious architecture, magnificant memorials, amazing history and vibrant underbelly. Berlin has a long and checkered history ... Read more >

Photos: Berlin

GERMANY | Thursday, 20 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

She may be poor, but she is sexy
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AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 18 Jan 2011 | Views [303]

Photos: Moscow

RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Sunday, 16 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

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AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 15 Jan 2011 | Views [354]

After a night in Milan, I change my mind about Cinque Terra and decide to see that damn tower in Pisa then get the hell down to Rome to see about my luggage. I was staying in the South away from the tourist area and in the morning as I was heading out, ... Read more >

Venice in peril

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 10 Jan 2011 | Views [326]

Sweet Tuscan villages and houses perched on hillsides whisk by as we doze, lulled by the sound and motion of the train. The change of speed wakes us and we peer out at the bright greyness, the dense fog restricting our view to a few meters. Pylons appear ... Read more >

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