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Turkish bread. Simple thing that made my day

Turkey | Monday, 14 January 2013 | 5 photos

There are two things I mainly love about photography.
First - to be a witness of a moment that someone may never see. Second - to share this moment with others. To achieve both goals you have to be brave enough to turn from the path you're going on, take your camera out, shoot, and show what you've done.
I always have this special feeling of excitement when I see that pictures I take can make people express pure emotions. Understanding that someone can see and most important FEEL what I felt when I saw the picture through my viewfinder inspires me to work more on my photographic skills so I could be like a mediator between different people and cultures. When I hold my camera and get an opportunity to see what is hidden from the eyes of the "common" tourists feels like going behind the scenes. It's an amazing feeling, for example, when despite the language barrier you get to be an invited guest in a place you dreamt to see.
I do want to make great photos that can represent what I actually see and how I feel about what I see. This is why I wish to win the Scholarship. I believe it will be a great opportunity to get a unique experience that can be reflected in my future works.

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