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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 5 photos

With those pictures I want to tell a story of one day in a town’s life. The town’s name is Dahab – what means "gold" in Arabic. I talked to a few local people - they can't say exactly was gold ever found there. But to me it seemed like gold is hidden in every sun ray, and with every wind blow it illuminates everything on it’s way.
As soon as the sun rises it quickly warms the sea and the sand that are sharing it’s energy with us. Whoever you are and wherever you’re from this type of ¨gold¨ is priceless. If you can feel the beauty of life in every thing and every creature you see, you’re richer then anyone living in the golden palace. And this is what I felt when I spent a day walking on the streets of Dahab. From sunrise to sunset I could feel that life of this place is calm and relaxing filled with warm, bright colors. And that girl with umbrella just seemed like she cought that pace of life and was enjoying every bit of it.
Few animals came on my way while I was waiting for the bus. Those two seemed to meet for the first time and that charming moment made everyone smile. Right after I captured it, I noticed a girl that held the camel. The look of her eyes just stood in my mind. It was so deep and strong reflecting something more than that easy life I saw around.
“I want to come back and explore this place better, to get to know and understand it's people” - that's what I thought of when after the sunset I was sitting on the beach watching a lonely boat swaying on the water.
The reason I want to win is simple - I want to learn. Learn with and from a professional. I love to explore new places and different cultures because it helps me discover myself, develop and grow. And the opportunity to capture and share a moment that influenced my life may make a change in others.

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