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NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 14 January 2008 | Views [623] | Comments [2]

Ok, so ALOT has happened since I last wrote, been a bit manic.

In all honesty, I don't think I can remember it all!

Turned up at the accomodation, everyone was working so had a little while to settle in. Hitched a lift to the supermarket, and got some supplies in.

By the time I get back the peeps had finished work. They were all Asian. I was scared!! Na, it wasn't too bad to be fair, had a bit of a yarn to them all. They were all SOOO polite . . .

Later I met Dion, he works in the packhouse so finishes later. A KIWI, well a Maori to be exact. Have to admit I was relieved! He invited me over to meet his mates who were staying in a tent, Jamie and Kulham. Had good yarns and beers all night . . .

Christmas Day. Pretty much spent having a BBQ and drinking! Not the healthiest of days, but it's Kiwi tradition!! Had a brilliant laugh, got in pretty tight with Jamie, Dion & Kulham. Like my adopted family! Rained alot of the day :-(

Boxing Day we went to Dunedin. Not that great I have to say, apparently it's based on Edinburgh and has EXACTLY the same street layout, which means it also has the steepest road in the world!! To be honest it reminded me of English towns, full of fat people, immagrants and young girls with babies! It kinda rained all day aswell. . . Still was nice to have a ride out . . .

First day of work was alright, not really going to write alot about fruit picking, mainly because there isn't alot to say, and otherwise because I'm still bitter (keep reading . . .) Oh, would just like to say I pick like a MACHINE! Fastest by a mile. . .!

New Years. D bought me a ticket to go to see a Kiwi band called The Black Seeds. I refused to go because I couldn't affrod it, but him and Kulham forced me into the car! I didn't put up too much of a fight to be fair though . . .! Was an amazing night, lots of beer and good music :-) Jammed out at the fron the whole time, was mental! New Years day was a bit of dramarama, we had car troubles and spent the day in Wanaka by the lake with all our stuff from the night before (we slept in the car and a few random other places) so we had sleeping bags clothes all sorts. The pictures are on D's camera so will sort that when I see him.

Ok, so the fruit picking job ended badly. I get selectivley removed from the accomodation for no other reason than they wanted to make an example and 'it's my accomodation i'll do what i like with it' Well I wasn't going to put up with that, if I had done something wrong i would have put my hands up and found somewhere else to stay, but I hadn't, so I quit. . .

Did have alot of good times in Cromhell though, made some good mates and had some amazing nights out. . . I don't regret any of it. Aoart from not having an IRD number and getting taxed 47%. ARGHHHH!! Not even going to talk about that . . .

So on Sunday Dan and I went for a bit of a hike. 14km up, break, 14km run back down. So good to find someone else whos into this stuff. Were deffinately going to keep in touch . . . Then Alana gave me a lift into Queenstown in the eve. Dion and Dan came along so we all went out for a few drinks and pool after a MIGHTY fergburger . . .

Today, the 14th Jan, I've just been manicly, STILL, trying to sort my IRD number out beofre pay. It's not going to happen, ANOTHER 4days apparently . . . SO MAD!!

I haven't re-read any of this so it's probably a big ol' jumble, but it doesn't matter, I know what I mean. At the ends of the day I'm having an amazing time, the best EVER, I can't explain it! So thats all that matters :-)

Will try and write here more frequently now I can . . .

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We are at David and Mary's today and have been reading your blog. So hello Harry and it's nice to hear all your news. Pleased you are enjoying yourself. Hope you have your tax sorted out and you are picking lots of fruit. Still miss seeing you. Hope you have recieved my letter by now with our news. Unfortunately I couldn't recieve your text. Seeing Mum on Friday so perhaps she can sort the phone out. Lots of Love Grannie and Grandad XXX

  David Eaton Jan 31, 2008 4:03 AM


Hey, how's my favourite lovely little bro?!
Nice to read your new entry, i've missed catching up on your news, although was lovely to get your call the other night.
Can't believe how different you look, my baby brother looks all growed up! I'm missing you, it's weird to look at your pictures and know you're too far away for me to wind up.
Keep having a good time but don't forget to come back at some point and give me a huggle.

Love ya babes x

  Nikki Feb 9, 2008 12:31 AM

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